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The visitor


Words turned in my head. Eyes closed, I became one with them. The climax took shape.

“Whoosh….!” Something breezed past my ears.

I shrieked. Words gave way to despair.



It landed on my lap.

A Cockroach!

Next minute, it was dead.

© Geeta Nair, 2014. All rights reserved. (Published at Manjeri on 01.09-2014).



Man in chains / Image courtesy

Image :’Man in chain’/ Courtesy : 55 Word Challenge

“Where are you my darling?” Sobs wracked his frame. The rising sun enveloped him in a blanket of warmth. Two little hands cupped his face.

“Dad, I am here besides you. Get up. Go save her.”

He opened his eyes. Years of guilt washed away, he entered the operation theatre.

That night he slept peacefully.

Post content © Geeta Nair, 2014. All rights reserved. (Published at Manjeri on 21-06-2014).

Word Count : 55

This post is inspired by the picture prompt @ 55 Word Challenge


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Image courtesy of usamedeniz /

Image courtesy of usamedeniz /

The air was thick with anguish, fear and expectation. The droning sound of the fan overhead could not drown the sound of half a dozen heart beats outside the door. Suddenly a wail pierced the air.

Time stood still. Bangles were broken.


The challenge – Answer the question “ Have all your clocks stopped?” in exactly 42 words

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