Book Blitz: Broken Bangles by Vaidehi



Broken Bangles 

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  • Language: English
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A tawaif is being interviewed – read her heart wrenching and hard-hitting realities as she opens up about what she has gone through and how she became ‘Meina Jaan’. A mother allows her rights to be discounted as she fears to confront the truth about an extramarital affair of her husband; she pays a hefty price for it. ‘The house of widows’ initially cannot welcome the arrival of a free bird in the nest but then something happens that appears to be dramatic flip in the entire scenario. Broken Bangles consists of these three short stories which leave a lot of things unsaid but also stirs up the readers as they silently demand to be heard.


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She is pursuing her Masters in English Literature and this is her very first independent venture as an author. 

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Book Review: The Parrot and the Merchant




Written by: Ali Seidabadi
Retold and Illustrated by: Marjan Vafaeian
Published by: Penguin

A short and lovely read, The Parrot and the Merchant is based on a fable by Rumi, a thirteenth century philosopher. An interesting and enchanting one, this fable along with exploring relationships and pain as well as reluctance to let go off something close to the heart, also looks into a crucial aspect- the right to freedom by all living beings. It also brings to the fore the fact that the wise devise ways to meet their ends and that victory is the trophy picked up by the intelligent.

Replete with beautiful illustrations that in themselves are capable of telling the story without the need for a language, ‘The Parrot and the Merchant’ is soothing to both the eyes and the soul.


A good book to read aloud to the little ones and perfect one to rouse interest in reading in the one ready to start reading on their own, this one will also appeal to the child in every adult.


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Book Review: VARAHA: The Third Avatar (Dashavatar Book 3)




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• Publisher: Flaming Sun (Indie published)
• ASIN: B07D39D6Y4


yadā yadā hi dharmasya
glānir bhavati bhārata
abhyutthānam adharmasya
tadātmānaṁ sṛjāmy aham

~ Shrimad Bhagvad Gita

(A promise by God, that whenever there is a decline in righteousness and when evil becomes all powerful, He will descend on earth to re-establish order and save mankind)

We’ve seen how God has lived up to his promise in his first two of the Dashavatar’s.

Reviews for Book 1 and Book 2 in the Dashavatar Series here

1) Matsya Avatar
2) Kurma Avatar

So why and when does he take up his third Avatar? Does he once again live up to his promise? To read that and more you will have to read this one by Sundari Venkataraman.

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Now on to a little intro to the book and my views on the same :

With power comes great responsibility, and responsibility demands that one continues to be humble. However, when humility gives way to arrogance, it invites destruction. ‘Varaha’ has this lesson at its core.

The third book in the Dashavatar Series, ‘Varaha’ sees Jaya and Vijaya, the gatekeepers of Lord Vishnu’s abode i.e. Vaikunta get intoxicated with power so much so that they insult the learned Kumaras without realizing that they are inviting a curse so potent, that it will bring them not only to their knees but force them to leave the Lord’s abode and descend to another world, the world of Asuras. Reborn as Hiranyaksha, Jaya undergoes a penance so severe that he is blessed by Lord Brahma and given a boon. The boon makes him invincible from death not only in the hands of the Devas, Asuras and Human beings, but also from flesh – eating animals. Once again the seed of arrogance sprouts. What follows is a rampage that portends disaster for all life forms. It’s here that Lord Vishnu once again steps in to reign in the beast in Hiranyaksha. This time He takes the incarnation of Varaha the Boar.

Twists and turns take the reader to a climax that is truly thrilling. The imagery conjured up by the author, does the trick and one can’t help but get drawn into the story. Characterization too plays an important part in making the read engaging.

The pace is perfect, and the style apt to make it easy for young minds to lap up the story without having to face a hurdle,

Overall a wonderful read, one that can be read over and over again without facing even an iota of boredom.


Book Review: KURMA: The Second Avatar (Dashavatar Book 2)



Format: Kindle Edition
File Size: 1537 KB
Print Length: 34 pages
Publisher: Flaming Sun (Indie published)
Language: English



The second in the Dashavatar series, Sundari Venkataraman’s ‘Kurma’ is a re-telling of the popular Indian mythological fiction that sees the Devas and Asuras set aside their differences , and join hands to undertake the samudra -manthan or churning of the ocean. Now what possibly could be the reason for this sudden camaraderie albeit a temporary one? The lure of attaining amarathva or immortality was possibly so strong that the Asuras were easily convinced to temporarily suspend hostilities. However what they did not foresee was that they had played into the hands of the master manipulator, Lord Vishnu himself. What follows is a tale of years of hard work in which the Lord himself participates in the form of Kurma (Tortoise) and later as Mohini.

The story is not only interesting and engaging, but also sheds light on many things that may have escaped one’s perception earlier, with regard to this incarnation of Lord Vishnu and subsequent events. While on the one hand lust paves the way for deceit and defeat, on the other hand it also shows that an alert mind can pierce the barrier of deceit and cause untold damage if needed. So in short if you can get a hold over your senses and see beyond the veil, you can overcome defeat.

The imagery conjures up the entire scene with ease, and transports the reader to the scene of action, while characterization has one wondering who is more vile – The Asuras or the Devas? At times one can’t help but sympathize with the Asuras.

The pace, the style and the wealth of information held within the pages which incidentally happens to be just 34, satiates the appetite. The Section on ‘Design Your God’ after the truly yummy fare (story of Kurma the Avatar), is a perfect dessert the taste of which lurks with you long after it is over.

So what is my takeaway from the book?

New insight into certain aspects of the story, along a few ideas for a new story for my grandson who incidentally is enamored by a visiting tortoise, and insists I tell him a story of the same each night, something different from the usual Hare and Tortoise story I have been serving him till now.


A story for the child in each, this one is truly engaging. You won’t regret picking it up.

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Follow the author, a romantic at heart, and yet a kid within (for to be able to churn out a successful story for a child, one has to be a kid within) on AMAZON and get a glimpse of her books for children.

Book Review ~ The Curse: A Dystopian Thriller by Randeep Wadehara



Format: Kindle Edition
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Print Length: 165 pages
Language: English


Through peace, it’s justice we seek!
The hunter will meet the fate of the hunted
And the mighty will serve the meek!

…….The blurb goes thus…….


A brilliant political thriller, Randeep Wadehra’s ‘The Curse’ draws the reader in one, into its web right from the word ‘Go!’ and has the power to ignite the imagination and potential to make him/ her aware of the dangers of a totalitarian government.

Packed with quite a punch, the book revolves around the fictional Kingdom of Bodh and it’s political atmosphere. Somewhere down the line, it makes one wonder whether it is a fictional kingdom we are reading of, or is the story set in a real country. The uncanny resemblance of the storyline to the happenings in India from quite some decades, helps strike a chord within, so much so that one starts identifying the characters with people and situations around. The names of the characters too lend credence to their nature. So in effect I’d say the book though categorized as a fiction is more a commentary on the hapless situation the Nation and its people have been going through, since independence. It feels more like a political satire than a pure work of fiction. Here the rich grow richer, the unscrupulous shed shame, the corrupt spread their tentacles far and wide, votes decide welfare measures and the hapless struggle to save the little they have.They are taken for a ride. But slowly ‘The Curse’ (symbolical of the embitterment within the hearts of the oppressed masses) of the frail old woman in Randeep Wadehra’s story, is working.

Replete with various emotions right from subtle love to lust, greed to self- abnegating, vengefulness to humanistic, rebellious to amenable, the book gives an insight into the working of the human mind. So in a way it also offers the reader a psychological insight into the ruler and the ruled, the hunter and the hunted, the victor and the loser and points a finger at the chords that need to be strung perfectly to help a nation march forward with least resistance and more receptivity. Another aspect that struck me was the way ideology and religion has been addressed here. To quote:

“Ideological prisms take the focus away from human issues and help the self- serving politicians; Religion has become an instrument of promoting hatred, superstition, and violence.”

The quote fits in perfectly in today’s India. Religion which has always worked as an instrument to help the disturbed stay calm and focused, bring the stray one into the fold and tug at the moral side of the one it addresses, has now slowly but steadily turned out to be a tool in the hands of a few to spread anarchy. This aspect is unsteadying and disturbing. Ideologies that were at one time seen as instruments of welfare and growth are now puppets in the hands of the self- serving and seek to destroy the meek and compliant for extraneous gains. In shorts instruments molded with good in mind have now turned evil in the hands of a few.

The characters are well articulated and live up to their names. One can easily relate to them. But the thing that really had me floored was the twist at the end. It took me totally unawares. I’d say it was a master-stroke aimed at hitting the reader hard especially where it mattered most- his/ her sensibility. It proved to be a classic ending to a truly enjoyable and engaging read.


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Book Blitz of Danika By Varsha Dixit


by Varsha Dixit

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  • Language: English

  • ASIN: B07L331FN1

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Dear Life,


I get it. You are fond of sending shitstorms my way.

I lost my parents and grew up with one relative after another.

A few months into my marriage, I discovered my husband in my best friend’s bed. 

Well, guess what? You made me one heck of a survivor! The joke’s on you.

Now this ‘hot’ Doctor you sent my way-the one who moved in next door to my stepbrother–don’t think I will be fooled by his charm like everyone else who is eating out of his hand.

His smart quips, teasing words and piercing gazes do not scare me. I see him for the man because of whom I experienced several ‘firsts’–my first accident, my first ride in an ambulance, and not proud to say it, but my first arrest! 

I may not be able to get even with you Life, but I will get even with the Doc! It should be easy for he does have a habit of popping up wherever I go.

Yours insincerely,



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Varsha Dixit, the best selling author of several successful contemporary romance and mystery books. Her debut book, Right Fit Wrong Shoe was a national bestseller for the year 2010. Varsha was a part of the Indian Television Industry and has worked as an assistant director and an online editor. She considers herself a dreamer who thinks deep but writes light. Even though creativity is gender-free, Varsha feels blessed and enriched to be a woman. Currently, with her family, Varsha resides in CA, USA.

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Book Blitz: Daffodils by Author Shree


Daffodil by Shree
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B07KDDS452

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Daffodil is a story of an ordinary girl who was compelled to lead an extraordinary life right from her childhood. Contrary to the meaning of her name, the flower which blooms in the spring, Daffodil had to brave squalls and struggle in retribution. Happiness came to her life only to obliterate it mercilessly. She witnessed darkness like nobody did but she persistently followed the light at the end of the tunnel. The tempest could not wither her roots ̶ she surfed through the ebb and flow of her life with robustness and proved her life to be worthwhile. Daffodil’s story is all about how she survived beyond the season of blooming amidst deaths, crimes, corruption, prison, and vengeance.


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Shree from Houston, TX, is an IT Pro turned author / poetess since 2015. Her works include short stories collection ‘Secret Expressions: Two Stories’, novella ‘Silent Invaders’, which has entered the quarter finals of Screencraft Cinematic Story (for Hollywood) Contest 2017, and Bengali poetry book ‘Onuronon’, released in International Kolkata Book Fair 2018. Her latest release is a novel titled ‘Daffodil: Blooming Beyond the Season’. Shree is a contributing author of ‘Flock-The Journey’, ‘Different Strokes’, ’50 Shades of Women’ and ‘Petals of Love’. Her upcoming anthology is ‘Muffled Moans – Unleashed’, where she has contributed two of her poems. She is a regular writer on several writing platforms, portals and magazines. She also works as a freelance writer / editor.

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Book Review: The Peshwa- War of the Deceivers




Format: Paperback/ Kindle
Publisher: Westland (4 September 2018)
ISBN-13: 978-9387578654

Oh! If only all our historians were as gifted as Ram Sivasankaran, and all our history textbooks as interesting and engrossing as his The Peshwa Series, we’d hear lesser groans and witness lesser yawns during history classes, encounter more history buffs vie for admission to the history courses at college, and see more and more people keenly take part in dialogues on happenings of yore.

That said, I’m sure you’ve already got an inkling of how I feel about ‘The Peshwa: War of The Deceivers.’

Interesting and engrossing, the book is a page turner which makes you sigh with regret if you have to leave off in the middle to attend to something else. An excellent plot in the hands of a master storyteller, this sequel to ‘The Peshwa: The Lion and The Stallion,’ takes the reader on a journey of defeat and deceit, trials and tribulations, resilience and reach, valour and values as well as some heart rending moments. Laced with crisp dialogues and replete with evocative imagery, the book brings out the best and the worst in man in subtle strokes, while reminding us that it is often incidents and accidents that shape a person’s character, his destiny.

Racy in nature and detailed to the core, the book sheds light on the rich but untapped history of the Marathas that needs to be looked into, dug and brought to light by our historians. Without a thorough research involving this great force, Indian History is I believe, handicapped, distorted and incomplete. Ram Sivasankaran’s depiction of the Peshwa’s , their might and methods make one wonder why these great sons of the soil are not accorded their true glory in Indian History till date. They are anything but a bunch of rebels as generally made out. Their patriotism is unquestionable.

The characters quite a few, arouse various emotions in the reader. While Kashibai’s resilience makes us admire her, Rasool’s devious methods irk us; Anaamik’s moves confound us and Nizam Ul Mulk’s strategy makes us wonder whether war is truly all about defeating just the enemy or something more. Apart from that, one can’t help but put oneself in the Peshwa’s shoes and try to figure out what would be one’s strategy / move given the situations he and his forces find themselves in time and again. There are moments when you feel like gnashing your teeth in fury and there are others when you involuntarily let out a low whistle. Mastani’s character too invites admiration and Commander Hari’s a salute. Ali reminded me of the sneaky rat and the Mughal Emperor had me wondering if he is anything but the sly Jackal on the prowl. In short, the characters draw you towards them and evoke the emotions that the author has in mind. They are well articulated.


Replete with twists and turns, this one sheds light not only on the brilliant storyteller in Ram Sivasankaran, but also the researcher in him. ‘The Peshwa: War of the Deceivers’ is a thorough entertainer that will leave you thirsting for more.

Waiting eagerly for the next in the series, for I am sure there is one given that the siege of Fort Mandu and the Empire’s war on the Bundelas is yet to reach a logical conclusion.


Seven years have passed since Peshwa Bajirao Bhat annihilated the Nizam’s armies at Fort Mandu. The two forces have been engaged in attacks and skirmishes ever since. Acting on the advice of his right-hand man, the mysterious Anaamik Dabhade, the Peshwa now sets about laying a trap to truly ensnare the Mughals, and break their might.

The Empire, of course, has methods of its own. And Nizam Ul Mulk is itching for an opportunity to exact revenge of the formidable Bajirao. With assassins, saboteurs and criminals infiltrating the Maratha lands, the Mughal Empire scores as many victories in the night as the Peshwa does during the day.

Meanwhile, in the far reaches of the country, set ablaze by the never-ending conflict between these major powers, a Sikh warlord, a Rajput king and a Bundela princess find themselves increasingly tangled up in the endgame that will determine the very course of history. It is a battle of wits and skill, and the greatest deceiver of them all will prevail.


Check out my review HERE


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I received the book from Writersmelon as part of their Book Review Programme, in exchange for an unbiased review. The thoughts, opinions & feelings expressed in the review are therefore, my own and have not been influenced by either the author or Writersmelon in any form.

Book Review: Guardian Angel (Undercover #2) by Ruchi Singh





Format: Kindle Edition

Life is unpredictable and so too are some stories. The undercover series deals with one such. While Bodyguard left me sad for the fate of one particular character, Guardian Angel made amends but in the process I came across……….. a beautiful soul.

Interesting, intriguing and unputdownable, the book gives a detailed insight into the suffering and torture of innocent people caught in the crossfire between right and wrong, militants and the Government. Subject to wanton physical and mental torture at the hands of some unknown persons, the protagonist of our story finds solace at the hands of one whose ministrations leave him with not only hope but an emotion that’s deep and sweet. What follows is a series of events fraught with danger, which leave the reader on an edge. Questions aplenty kick up a storm in the reader’s mind. Will the protagonist survive? Will the Guardian Angel lead a normal life?……..So on. By the time the storm dies down, the reader’s thirst wishes for more. Ruchi Singh the author and master story teller, knows how to connect with her readers, cause a turmoil in their brain and then slowly but steadily lead them to a climax that’s exciting. She takes us on a veritable ride through the life of strife ridden Kashmir, in Guardian Angel and introduces us to different shades of character and emotions with ease.


A heady mix of suspense and adventure, ‘Guardian Angel’ is definitely one of the best reads in the suspense genre. It’s short yet riveting.

Now if I’ve got you interested, you might as well check out the blurb at GOODREADS


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Book Review: Magic In Mussoorie by Atul Sethi



Author: Atul Sethi
Illustrator: Vikas Upadhyay
Reading level: 9+ years
Format: Paperback/ Kindle
Publisher: Puffin
ISBN-13: 978-0143441571

Intriguing and exciting, ‘Magic in Mussoorie’ by Atul Sethi is the first in a series of comic books set in the Garhwal Himalayas. A book for all ages, this one has the power to engage young minds with the adventure it holds within its pages and the twists and turns it promises. As for readers like me who have long crossed the threshold of childhood, it offers a trip down memory lane to a time when comic strips and comic books were the rage and one did not mind reading them on the sly even on the eve of exam days, well hidden between the pages of text books, far from the probing eyes of elders.

Beautifully illustrated, ‘Magic in Mussoorie’ takes us on a short but sweet ride across time and the place mentioned in the title, introducing us to the likes of Sir George Everest and Duleep Singh, the young Maharaja of Punjab. What begins as a state of curiosity for Nakul our protagonist and Kuku his bosom mate, suddenly turns out to be an adventure and revelation. Drawn deep into the intrigue, they encounter danger and death and also get a glimpse of the ‘Kohinoor’. What happens next?……..Let the book do the talking. 🙂

Action packed and thrilling, ‘Magic in Mussoorie’ has a climax that’s as baffling as the story and of course some hilarious moments too. While characterization and conversation complement each other; the illustrations do justice to them.

So is there something that I still yearn for after reading the book?

Well yes. I’d have loved to see a bit more interaction between Sir George Everest and the children. It would have added more clarity to the character he was.


An enjoyable ride, sorry read 🙂 , Magic in Mussorrie is short and engaging.


The book is available @ // flipkart


An copy of the book was provided via Penguin Random House in exchange for an honest review. The thoughts, opinions & feelings expressed in the review are therefore my own and have not been influenced by either the author or the publishing house in any manner