Image courtesy of usamedeniz /

Image courtesy of usamedeniz /

The air was thick with anguish, fear and expectation. The droning sound of the fan overhead could not drown the sound of half a dozen heart beats outside the door. Suddenly a wail pierced the air.

Time stood still. Bangles were broken.


The challenge – Answer the question “ Have all your clocks stopped?” in exactly 42 words

By the way don’t forget to leave your footprints in the form of comments and suggestions. Your words mean a lot to me.

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  1. waiting for a child to be born? Waiting on an army on the other side of that door? (is there a significance to bangles breaking. I love that alliteration and the thought of chains breaking or tearing apart that which binds us)

    I loved the picture and the thought that freedom was waiting.


  2. Wow – this gave me chills. That last line – just, wow. Thanks so much for linking up, Geeta – this was excellent!


  3. A powerful 42… I was confused on the closing lines until I saw in the comments above that breaking bangles signified death. That drove the piece home. I’d never heard that expression before, but I really like it.


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