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“Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.”
– Friedrich Nietsche


Agree or not the fact is that there is a monster lurking within each one of us. The only thing that keeps it from rearing its head is our sense of right and wrong. The day we lose the ability to distinguish right from wrong all hell breaks loose and the ugly monster rears its head in glee. So is the case with those innumerable youth who have chosen a path far too dangerous for us to think. They are in fact lost souls who have lost a sense of direction. They believe that their acts of terrorism will ultimately win them an entry into Heaven after death. But does anyone know what’s going to happen after death or for that matter what that Heaven looks like, feels like? I doubt if anyone has an answer to this question of mine. I for one don’t know what’s going to happen to me after death except the fact that my body may be consigned to flames and that it may become one with the elements called earth, water and fire. But is there a Heaven or Hell? If so, where is it?

Yes, is a Heaven and there is Hell. Know where? Well right here on Earth.

When Angels tread Earth becomes Heaven and when Monsters rampage it Earth cries out in pain. It becomes Hell for even the innocent ones. Today earth is in fact slowly falling prey to Monsters. To keep these Monsters in check the Angels need to gather together, pick up cudgels, make them see light and bring them back on the path of right. So, what should be the plan?
1) Starting Point Home:

Home should be where the heart can be laid bare. It should not be a prison where young legs shiver at the sight of elders but should be like a lush green lawn where you sit, relax and have a heart to heart conversation.

We must remember that children see, absorb and adopt things, ideas, mannerisms and beliefs from their surroundings. So, if you love them, hug them, make them feel wanted they are sure to imbibe these naturally and grow up as normal human beings with a happy disposition. But if you constantly terrorize them and terrorize those around them they are bound to see it as a way of life. They see the Monster in you and may grow up to be Monsters themselves.

1) Next Stop:

Teachers, Gurus, Spiritual leaders play a key role in nurturing the Angel or the Monster in each one of us. If someone were to go on ranting and filling my ears with negative things about things and people around me I am sure to be radicalized unless I have a very strong disposition and am not easily influenced. Sadly, today many a youth are easily influenced. They believe that the people around them who do not ascribe to their faith, their beliefs, their way of thinking, their dictates are not fit to live. They are in fact evil souls. But in their mission to wipe out these evil souls they wittingly or unwittingly become Monsters.

So, Teachers, Gurus, Spiritual leaders need to emanate positive vibes and spread positive message. They are like the shepherd. They need to see to it that their ward, their followers don’t go astray.

2) The Journey Continues:

Society, Social Media and Government need to act with maturity. They need to handle sensitive issues with care and not let rumor mill run amok. They need to address issues with restraint and understand the underlying problem before finding a solution/ dealing with the same. Else in the process of killing monsters they themselves will tend to behave as a monsters. Yes there are times especially in a war like situation, when they may need to pay back the monster ( enemy) in the same coin and they may look as monsters/ be termed as monsters. But that should be the last resort and when they look into the mirror they should be able to look with a clear conscience. The mirror should not reflect the Monster in them.

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Interpreting Indian Mythology


Hi Friends,

Guess what?

Today we have Author Falguni Kothari here on my blog, sharing her views on ‘Interpreting Indian Mythology’.

Now does the name ring a bell?

Well, I’m sure you know her. She is the creator of the bestseller ‘Soul Warrior (The Age of Kali #1)’ a book that earned a 5/5 rating from me.

Inviting you to check out my review of the book here




Falguni is also the author of ‘Bootie and the Beast’ and ‘It’s your move, Wordfreak!’

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The latest we hear is that she is busy preparing for the launch of her next book ‘My last love story.’ It’s slated to hit the stands/ grab attention of readers in May 2016. Check out the Author’s profile and books on Goodreads

Wishing Falguni the very best in all her future endeavors, I bring to you her views on ‘Interpreting Indian Mythology.’ Hope you enjoy the read.


What is myth?

Myth is the story of a certain people. And not satisfied with simply being told such beautiful stories, we humans retell, discuss, interpret and eventually refashion our myths. Which leads to more discussions, disagreements, interpretations and retelling of those stories.

The study of all these beliefs, customs, fables and sacred texts is called mythology.

There are two main ways of interpreting myth: literally and symbolically.

We interpret myths literally when we accept them as a set belief system of a people. Or, as actual history. But, when we use myths to explain moral truth; or illustrate “how things came to be” through philosophy or allegory; or explain man’s psyche with stories of a hero’s journey; or for pure entertainment; or to explain the conflicts or structure of society; or explain natural phenomenon; or as metaphors for the “unknown,” then we are interpreting myths symbolically.

What I’ve done with Soul Warrior:

As stated above, myths can be interpreted in a hundred different ways. Once I began writing, I realized that I wanted to incorporate Indian myths and my favorite mythological characters in my fiction. I wanted to spin a fresh new twist on the classic tales. I wanted Hindu Gods to be part of a modern techno world. I wanted swords fights in a three-storey mall. I envisioned Hell or ‘Naraka’ as a party-zone. I let my imagination fly on the wings of Indian mythology.

The world became a balancing act between age-old myths versus my “fresh take” interpretation. The attraction between Karna and Draupadi has been hinted at in the Mahabharata, but was never actually realized. Not only the attraction, but their imaginary union is hinted at in wonderful, positive terms through the epic.

If only Karna had won Draupadi’s hand in marriage…the entire Mahabharata would tell a different tale.

And perhaps that different tale was called SOUL WARRIOR.

I won’t lie. Just imagination would not have worked. I did an insane amount of research into myths. I read three of the renowned English translations of the Mahabharata epic several times over. Realized that different versions of the myths existed in different parts of the world, different parts of India too. I read folktales, character analyses, blogs, articles—whatever I could find on Vedic India and its peoples. I found P.V. Vartak’s article on one such foray that put forth a plausible explanation for an alternate (unconventional) timeline for the Mahabharata War—which I’ve used as it fit perfectly into my story’s fictional timeline. I poured over maps, got addicted to Google Earth as it took me to possible settings and locations in the Himalayan mountains without leaving my bed. To tell a good tale, I had to know the world I was building.

As the great, late fashion lord, Alexander McQueen, explains: To create my kind of “fresh take” on fashion, I need to intimately know the classics. If I don’t know the classic cuts on suits, jackets and dresses, I will not understand how to manipulate them to make something new…different…unique.

Dear reader, Soul Warrior is my bespoke interpretation of Indian mythology. And my labor of love.


So how was this? Enjoyable I’m sure. Do leave your views/ comments in the comment box below.

Thanks Falguni. Looking forward to the next in the ‘The Age of Kali’ series eagerly. Hope we the fans of “Soul Warrior’ don’t have to wait long.

A gem I treasure

People come, people go
But life moves on only to show
That some remain as lights in our life
Some fade off with the passage of time

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Well one such person who influenced me, my life and my way of thinking was my father. He was the first man I ever loved. He remains as a light in our, lives. The second male to whom I look up for advice and support in times of need, one who again is my role model, is none other than my better- half, my husband.

A simple soul to the core he is a source of great inspiration not only to me but to the entire family. A man of few words, he is also a very balanced individual. Living with him, I learnt many a thing. I learnt how to prioritize our wants, to differentiate between the essential and the non- essential and to save for a rainy day.

A man ever thirsty to acquire knowledge, his vide zone of interests’ amazes me even to this day. I call him my Jack of all trades. But is he master of none? Well, you have to see him at work or in discussion on a given subject, to know what I mean by “No.” The skill, the thought process that goes into any work he undertakes is proof of the fact that he is “Jack of all trades and Master of all.” His thirst for knowledge, his eagerness to learn new things, try out new gadgets are infectious. Though I often start off with a “No, it’s not for me” I end up with, “Why this is amazing and so easy” thanks to the silent teacher, mentor and guide in him. He knows how to touch the right cord and that too subtly so that the transition, the transformation is smooth and silent, not embarrassing.

Soft yet Stern” that is him. My daughter will vouch for that. As a kid she has seen the two streaks in him at close quarters. A man of principles, he is not one to cave in to threats or tears. Say or do anything unreasonable and you know you cannot count on him to support you. But the very same man cannot even think of a small thing like a mosquito drawing blood from his daughter’s fair skin. Such is his concern for her. Being one who believes in the fact that children too have self- respect, he has always made it a point to ensure that my daughter’s self- esteem, her self- respect is not hurt, even when he admonishes her for an errant act.

I have often heard people say that behind every successful man, there is a successful woman. But I often say,”Behind the successful me is a man, my spouse, my soul – mate.” A great motivator, he always encouraged me to take up higher responsibilities on the career front. If it were not for his support, his prodding’s, his belief in my abilities I would most probably have never moved up in my career, nor be writing this piece. I owe my writings, my blogs to him. He is the motivating force in my tryst with the world of words. He is also my best critic.

Now is he human? Well, yes in every sense. Emotions diverse like empathy and stubbornness are very much a part of him. But then unlike many, he does not express his anger, his displeasure by shouting or berating or throwing tantrums. No, the stubborn streak in him that one gets to see at times which is rare and far spaced, is an indication of anger / displeasure. Generally sober by nature he can be hilarious at times.

He is in every sense an ideal partner, a soul- mate. A great man, motivator, confidence booster and above- all a humble soul he i.e. my husband, is my role model, a man who leads me steadily and safely on the second leg of my journey called life.

Gems, one comes across in plenty
Precious and semi-precious
Price tag affixed, they are there for one to buy

But gems there are some
Rare, priceless, not for sale
Lucky are they who are blessed with the same.


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