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Letter Unsent – To a very special person



Dear V,

Life is truly amazing. It sometimes brings two very different people, people with different temperament and taste together. Yet, they bind so well that life’s journey goes by and you don’t realize how time flies.

I don’t know whether I’ve ever told you but the one thing that I noticed the first time we met was your hair. In fact I mistook you for a writer. But of, course time told me that though not a writer you are an avid reader. In fact, one who has varied tastes.

Though you have never till this day expressed it in words your care, your concern for me and all who are dear to me are indicators of your love for me. Do you know the best thing I like about you is your maturity. I must admit that your cool and relaxed nature have left me frustrated at times. But then maybe the difference in our temperaments is to blame. You know, I don’t like delays.

Ah! I remember the time when our daughter was just a babe. The evenings would see you walking up and down the hall with her in your arms. You could go on like that for hours at end. You were worried lest the mosquitoes had a taste of her blood. Though she grew in years, you still worried about the mosquitoes. Every night when she went to bed you made sure she was aptly protected from their bite. Even now though she’s married and has a mate of her own, whenever she comes home to us you make sure that the “Goodnight” is on. You know I’ve often envied you two. When a kid, she always shared her chocolates with you. She made sure that your share of goodies was kept apart when you were not at home.

You have always been my strength be it at home or at office. I could climb the ladder of my career only because of you. I have often come across a talented lady colleague shying away from taking a promotion for the simple reason that her husband does not wish so. At times such as these I realize how lucky I am.

That day when I decided to quit my job, I wondered how you would take it. Your reaction mattered to me. But as always you understood me and the reason why I wanted to quit. In fact you saw the positive side of the decision and that made it easy.

Even now when I am writing this letter, I can see you eagerly waiting to read it just as you wait to read all my writings.

I must say I have got so used to having you around that I cannot think of even a day without you. I now understand why our daughter had always asked us to search for a groom like you and I must say we’ve been lucky to fulfill her wish too.

You know my Dad was the first man I always admired. You are the second. Sorry, but that’s how it always was and will always be and you know the reason why. You too were a great admirer of him.

Before I end let me tell you I enjoy being your ‘ardhānganī.’ So no way you can get rid of me.



The apple of our eyes

The apple of our eyes with us on her wedding eve

This letter was written for Letters Unsent series. This time we were asked to compose a letter to our current love or spouse