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About Geeta Nair

Born in Independent India to two really wonderful people who cherished and nourished me with great care, I consider myself lucky to have had the best that life could offer me. Lucky to have had the best education , the best sibling, the best husband, the best daughter,the best of everything that I could ever want, Love to live life on my terms .

Book Blitz ~ Killer Moves by Varsha Dixit


Killer Moves
Varsha Dixit

Everyone has a secret. Aisha Khatri has many! 

Aisha’s life is seemingly mundane on the surface-she writes for television and takes care of her niece Kiara and her retired father. But when Kiara’s life is threatened during a modeling assignment for the famous Kabir Rana, once a suspect for his wife’s murder, the only way Aisha can save Kiara is by accepting the unique ability she has aggressively resisted all her life. 

But Aisha is not the only one with secrets. There are others who have secrets and will kill to keep them. Aisha is determined to protect Kiara even if it means placing herself in the crosshairs of a depraved killer who butchers beautiful girls and leaves them as grotesque displays. 

Is Kiara a target of a serial killer or is the killer closer to home-and Aisha’s heart? 

Who is Kabir Rana? An elusive and moody fashion photographer burdened with a dark past or a murderer who got away? 

How will Aisha save Kiara from a killer who is several steps ahead of an entire city’s police force? When the dead come calling, will Aisha answer? 

From the bustling streets of Goa to the beautiful palaces of Sirsa, Killer Moves is a fast-paced, gripping, romantic suspense tale with strong thriller and supernatural elements. 

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About the author

Varsha Dixit, the best selling author of six successful contemporary romance books. Her debut book, Right Fit Wrong Shoe was a national bestseller for the year 2010. Varsha was a part of the Indian Television Industry and worked as an assistant director and online editor. She considers herself a dreamer who thinks deep but writes light. Even though creativity is gender free,Varsha feels blessed and enriched to be a woman.Currently, with her family, Varsha resides in CA, USA.
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Matsya- The First Avatar by Sundari Venkatraman : An Excerpt




MATSYA: The First Avatar


Sundari Venkatraman


Lord Brahma is highly disturbed when the four vedas are stolen from him the moment he goes to sleep at the end of the kalpa. It’s Asura Hayagriva who’s gotten away with the sacred scriptures.

Lord Vishnu offers to go to the creator’s rescue and takes the guise of Matsya, the fish.

King Satyavrath lands up with a tiny gold fish when he’s offering prayers to the Sun God one morning. Is the fish all that it appears to be?

How can Satyavrath help the fish?

Read more to find out the reason for Lord Vishnu taking the avatar on earth as Matsya.

*This is a straightforward story of the first avatar of Mahavishnu, retold in simple English just the way it’s written over the ages. The target audience is the youngsters, children, who don’t know all that much about Indian mythology. It’s also for those parents who are keen to read aloud stories to their children and are looking for suitable books on mythology.


A sneak peak into the book

A sample to give you a taste of the story and the author’s style of writing

At the time that we begin the story of Matsya, one kalpa was coming to an end and by now, the tired Brahma was yawning away as his day was finishing too. The lord with four heads, all with long white beards, golden crowns perched on snowy white hair, each facing in a different direction, was finding it difficult to keep his eyes open. He turned to look at his consort Saraswati and wasn’t really surprised to see that she had kept her veena aside and had slid into a deep sleep as she lay on the soft back of her swan which was also snoring away softly.

From his residence at Brahmaloka, he turned his attention towards Devaloka—on another sphere altogether—where the devas lived and was greeted by total silence. The space around him had become dark. Maybe it was time for him to go to sleep too. The exhausted Brahma, despite his ability to see in all directions, didn’t notice the Asura Hayagriva who was eyeing him from far away Earth.

Hayagriva, the asura with the head of a horse and the body of a man, was built like a small mountain. He was over twenty-five feet tall, with wide and well-muscled shoulders, his arms and legs strong and muscular, even more so than a horse’s. With his thick, dark mane swaying in the gentle breeze, Hayagriva stood there, his arms akimbo, avidly watching the creator, hoping to get something out of Brahma when the latter was in the throes of deep sleep.

The brilliant blue sky was greying by the minute as twilight was taking over rapidly around Brahma’s abode that was positioned way above the Earth, while Hayagriva was standing close to where we have the north pole today, keeping an eye on the creator with the help of his mystical powers. Yes, the asuras who were evil, also had powers of mysticism, same as the devas. The only difference was that they were mortal unlike the immortal Demi-Gods.

Hayagriva’s waiting didn’t go waste. As gentle snores emanated from Brahma, out jumped the four Vedas from his nostrils. It was not as if they all slid out at one go. But then, Hayagriva was patient. He had waited for this moment since a couple of thousand years. First came the Rig Veda. Hayagriva pounced on it with agility and swallowed it up whole, confident that no one could prise it from him now that it was sitting tight in his abdomen.

By now, Brahma was snoring a bit louder and quite rhythmically too. A few human years passed before the Yajur Veda slid out noiselessly. Hayagriva was wide awake unlike the creator and smiled broadly as he stood right below to catch the second Veda in both his hands. It took him but a few seconds to send it down his throat to settle down next to the first Veda.

Two more years went by before Sama Veda fell down with a thud. Yes, by now, even Hayagriva had fallen sleep. But the whirring sound of the Veda falling down through the air just before it touched the Earth woke him up. He galloped across on all fours and picked up the Veda from where it was lying on the Earth’s surface to swallow it up whole, almost choking on it as his throat was all dried up due to the deep sleep that he had woken up from. He quickly turned around and dipped his mouth into the sea, gulping down a few litres of water before the third Veda wound its way into his stomach. The sea close to that area contained fresh water due the melting of the icebergs and hence helped quench the asura’s thirst only too well.

The completely refreshed Hayagriva was grinning by now. There was just one more Veda that he needed to collect before he could take off. Then would follow what could only be called unadulterated entertainment! Let the Trimurti try to resurrect the next kalpa without the Vedas that were the very basis of orderly life for human beings. Hayagriva couldn’t wait to share his success with the other rakshasas. They would all be so happy with what he had done and will definitely make him their lord and master.

Just then he remembered all those apsaras in the court of Lord Indra. Hayagriva laughed softly, careful not to wake up the sleeping creator, too excited at the thought of having the heavenly beauties for his playmates. What a life!

He didn’t have to wait very long before the last one, Atharvana Veda, slid out of Brahma’s nostril. The alert Hayagriva caught it with alacrity, his laughter loud and triumphant now, not really caring if he woke the sleeping Brahma. Pushing the fourth Veda into his mouth, Hayagriva took to the air, flying far away from there, hoping to find a hiding place for the next thousand years. He knew that it wouldn’t be long before one of the Holy Trinity would come chasing after him to retrieve the Vedas. The chances were high that it would be Lord Vishnu since he was the one who helped preserve everything in the universe.

Hayagriva flew around the Earth a few times before deciding that the oceans were the place that would keep him safe and out of sight. Being a mayavi with fantastic magical powers that most of the rakshasas were endowed with, Hayagriva could breathe in water. There was no dearth of food either since the seas teemed with creatures both big and small. He tilted on his head and took a dive when he came across the biggest body of water that he could see from the air—the area that is known as the Pacific Ocean nowadays—and went deep within before he touched bottom.

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About the author

Sundari Venkatraman is an indie author who has 16 titles to her name, all Top 100 Bestsellers on Amazon India, Amazon USA, Amazon UK, Amazon Canada and Amazon Australia in both romance as well as Asian Drama categories. Her latest hot romances have all been on #1Bestseller slot in Amazon India for over a month.

Even as a kid, Sundari absolutely loved the ‘lived happily ever after’ syndrome as she grew up reading all the fairy tales she could lay her hands on, Phantom comics, Mandrake comics and the like. It was always about good triumphing over evil and a happy end. 

Soon, into her teens, Sundari switched her attention from fairy tales to Mills & Boon. While she loved reading both of these, she kept visualising what would have happened if there were similar situations happening in India; to a local hero and heroine. Her imagination took flight and she always lived in a rosy cocoon of romance over the years. 

Then came the writing – a true bolt out of the blue! And Sundari Venkatraman has never looked back.

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Book Review: MATSYA: The First Avatar (DASHAVATAR Book 1)



TITLE: MATSYA: The First Avatar (DASHAVATAR Book 1)
AUTHOR: Sundari Venkataraman
PUBLISHER: Flaming Sun (Indie published)
GENRE: Mythological Fiction (Children’s Literature)
FORMAT: Kindle Edition



Lord Brahma is highly disturbed when the four vedas are stolen from him the moment he goes to sleep at the end of the kalpa. It’s Asura Hayagriva who’s gotten away with the sacred scriptures.

Lord Vishnu offers to go to the creator’s rescue and takes the guise of Matsya, the fish.

King Satyavrath lands up with a tiny gold fish when he’s offering prayers to the Sun God one morning. Is the fish all that it appears to be?

How can Satyavrath help the fish?

Read more to find out the reason for Lord Vishnu taking the avatar on earth as Matsya.


Retold in simple, crisp language, this one on the first avatar of Mahavishnu, has all the elements required to make a read enjoyable, engaging and informative. Apart from putting across the reason for the birth of the Matsyavtar, the book also delves into the intricacies associated with the various yugas, the cycle of birth; apocalypse and extinction of life on earth every thousands of years and the emergence of a new dawn. It offers hope of destruction of evil forces and sends out a strong message that eventually good prevails.

The pace is perfect and the style does justice to the story. I loved the way the author has portrayed the growth of a small fish into one of monstrous proportion, and the final revelation of its true form towards the end. It’s sure to awe and garner interest among the little ones. And before I give my verdict I must add that the opening scene of Brahma being dead tired and yearning for a ‘short’ nap as well as Asura Hayagriva waiting to pounce on that unknown something that could possibly fall off from Devaloka ( Read ‘Brahma’) made me truly curious. I could not but help live Hayagriva’s anxiety. The Author does have a way of riveting you to your seat till you finish her book.

This one though a short read of just 38 pages, speaks volumes of the research that has gone into its creation.

A riveting one narrating a mythological story in a language and style that’s sure to hook readers both young and old alike, I’m giving this one a 👌 5.


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TITLE: Trust Me Not
AUTHOR: Ankita Verma Datta
PUBLISHER: Jaico Publishing House
GENRE: Fiction ( Socio-Political Thriller)
ISBN: 9789386348944)


Rising corporate star Reeva Rai is offered a prestigious position in a top-notch PR agency. It is the opportunity of a lifetime. But working with Enigmatic Billionaire Kunaal Kabi was not going to be easy. Even as she develops feelings for him, she is determined to prove herself.

But when an activist friend turns to her for help with a real-estate scam, Reeva has to make a high-stakes choice. Can she retain the credibility of her prominent clients while helping hundreds save their homes? As she digs deeper to find solutions, a nefarious scheme unravels with unexpected connections. A no-holds-barred race ensues, blood is drawn and Reeva is trapped in the eye of a political thunderstorm. If she succeeds, powerful people will have much to answer.
Intricate, engaging and cleverly crafted, ‘Trust Me Not’ has the power to keep the reader guessing till the end. Though a Socio- Political piece of fiction, the book does throw up a few relevant questions and nudges the reader to think. It brings out the grey side of the human character well, and at the same time gives us a hint of a blooming romance, one that is not smooth as a fresh jar of skippy. Sinister plans, shady deals and their execution are narrated with a finesse that makes one look forward to see the resultant impact with the eagerness of a kid curious to know whether the radio hides within its cabinet people whose voices are heard on tuning a station.

The twists, the turns and the climax lay bare the battles, the intricacies, and the agenda of the triumvirate made up of the political, the corporate and the media world. The complexities of relationships built and those ruined are brought out well.

The author has done a fine job as far as characterization is concerned. All the characters right from the protagonist to those that make just a passing appearance in the story, are well developed helping the reader easily relate to them, their style, mannerisms and thought process. This in turn translates to a feeling akin to direct involvement in the story, which I believe is essential for the same to be a resounding success.

Language plays an instrumental role in the success of a narrative. It is that conveyance which reaches a story/ plot to its destination the reader. If the conveyance sputters, it is bound to fail before it reaches the destination, even if it does reach, it will have offended/ put off its occupants by the harrowing experience. But, I’m glad the conveyance here was well-oiled, smooth and comfortable, offering a joyous ride (read).

The pace gave no room for the escape of a yawn, or the wish to stretch and shriek. It was perfect.

So what is that one thing/ things if any, that did not work for me?

Answer – A love triangle.

I felt it could be done away with. It was like that sixth finger that serves no purpose yet sticks out as odd.
A truly enjoyable read, one that’s sure to keep the reader hooked from the first word till the very end.


I received a copy from Writersmelon in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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Spotlight- Rising From The Ashes by Rubina Ramesh


A Short Story: Prequel to Knitted Tales 2 
Rubina Ramesh


She was one of the most beautiful woman Asura Sambara had laid his eyes on. 

Possessing a beauty of this magnitude became his passion. Sambara kidnapped her and whisked her off to his palace. 

Mayavati knows she has no option but to bow down to his wishes. But what about the young man who always haunts her dreams? She had no clue why she was in this palace but after speaking to the mischief making Sage Narada, it all started making sense to her. 

Who was Mayavati and what was she doing in Asura’s palace? 

Was Sambara her destiny? 

Disclaimer: This short story is a mythological fiction and should be treated as such. The author does not claim it to be a retelling of the Puranas. This piece is a product of her unbridled imagination. 

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About the author

Blog Tour by The Book Club of DESTINED by Rubina Ramesh
Rubina Ramesh is an avid reader, writer, blogger, book reviewer and marketer. She is the founder of The Book Club, an online book publicity group. Her first literary work was published in her school magazine. It gave her immense pride to see her own name at the bottom of the article. She was about 8 years old at that time. She then went to complete her MBA and after her marriage to her childhood friend, her travel saga started. From The Netherlands to the British Isles she lived her life like an adventure. After a short stint in Malaysia, she finally settled down in the desert state of USA, Arizona. Living with her DH and two human kids and one doggie kid, Rubina has finally started living the life she had always dreamed about – that of a writer.

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Book Review: If You Only Knew Me



TITLE: If You Only Knew Me
AUTHOR: Divyata Rajaram
PUBLISHER: Cinnamon Teal Publishing
ISBN: 978-9386301796
GENRE: Fiction



A lot said in just five words.


Apt and appealing, the cover design does give an inkling to what to expect within the covers without breaking the suspense.



If You Only Knew Me is a story of friendship, passion and intrigue set in Dubai, arguably one of the world’s most exciting cities to live in.

Rupali, Anjali, Dipika, Sakina and Monica are five NRI women whose lives are glitzy and exciting as they flirt with high society within the charmed social circles frequented by the Dubai expat community. Beautiful homes, designer clothes, shoes, fast cars and a lifestyle that is envied by all, there is very little these women have not attained. Together they have also woven the closest of friendships and must rely on each other to stay on top.

Appearances are deceptive, though, and often the people you think you know the best, harbor secrets too dangerous to be shared. When tragedy befalls, the investigation that follows opens an ugly box of secrets that will test their friendship and find them struggling to make sense of the madness and deception surrounding them.

Who can they really trust anymore? How far must they go in their fight for survival?

How long will their friendship last once the masks have dropped and none can pretend any longer?



Fresh storyline with a twist that’s sure to take the reader by surprise is how one can describe Divyata Rajaram’s ‘If You Only Knew Me. ‘

Interesting, engaging and enlightening, ‘If You Only Knew Me’ reveals the soft and hard sides of human behavior. It also helps one understand how friendship among the most unlikely too is a possibility and how it works. The book is a grim reminder of the fact that looks are deceptive and the most hostile face can have a heart of gold, while the innocent lamb can be as crafty as a fox and as cruel as Medea.

Loneliness is a state that drives the mind to lengths it would never have even dreamt of if not left to battle it alone. ‘If You Only Knew Me’ portrays this aspect of the human mind beautifully in subtle strokes. There is murder, there is suspense and a lot happening out there in the pages of the book but what actually strikes one is the way loneliness, neglect and the craving to be recognized can actually take a toll not only of the physical self but of the mental state too.

Language is crisp and lucid with the power to make the reader visualize even little details like the settings of Monica’s Yoga Studio or Rupali’s dress style. This in turn transports the reader to the scene of action, making him/ her part of the story and enhances the joy of the read.

Characterization is one point where I felt justice has not been done to a few. While the characters of Rupali, Anjali, Sakina and Dipika are well developed and enable one to easily enter their mind and understand their thought process, the characterization of others like Monica and Rohit seem to be under- developed. One finds it difficult to comprehend the sudden change in Rohit’s nature from one furious at his wife’s amoral escapade to one willingly entering into an extra- marital affair.

Fast paced and easy to read, the book is a page turner.


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Book Review: The Coin by Sandeep Sharma



TITLE: The Coin
AUTHOR: Sandeep Sharma
PUBLISHER: Redgrab Books & Anybook
ISBN: 978-9387390263
GENRE: Fiction (Crime Thriller)


“Who likes Sudden death?” That’s the only question he used to ask before killing his prey.

Random people are being abducted from the capital city, Delhi and are being killed mercilessly. Before killing, the murderer is reciting them a story, a story about a 9 year old child who saw the brutal side of the world at a very young age. All the stories are being recorded for the Police department to see.

Raunak Upadhyay, the Police inspector who is handling the case, links the style of serial killing to the case he solved years ago. But the murderer of that case is in jail then who is following the footsteps?

Does the murderer want to convey something?
Whose story is being recited?
Why the murderer is taking personal interest in Raunak?
Is there any other side of this coin or both the faces are just the same?

Welcome to the Brutal world!


‘The Coin’ provides an interesting storyline that finds the reader enter a complicated maze, a maze that sees him/ her encounter many questions, rely on many options and ultimately reach a climax that is difficult to foresee considering that the build-up of the suspense is done cleverly.

A multi layered story, the book reveals a lot in terms of child psychology, criminal psychology and the unsavory happenings that the world is witness today in terms of child abuse. It also throws up some relevant questions regarding the above and nudges us to ponder on the same. In short the book can also be termed as a psychological thriller.

There are some interesting twists and turns that is bound to not only intrigue the reader but at times leave a bad taste. But then what is depicted here is cruel truth, a truth that society can hardly deny and overlook.

The characters are well-developed and the pace is fine.

Language: Though simple and easy to comprehend, there are certain usages that stand out like mismatched buttons in an otherwise fine shirt. They hardly fit in there and thus act as an impediment.

Editing: The story could do with a fresh round of editing to smooth out some bumps and rough edges and make it flawless.


A breezy read with a fresh storyline.


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Book Review: Murder in Paharganj



TITLE: Murder in Paharganj
AUTHOR: Kulpreet Yadav
PUBLISHER: Bloomsbury India
ISBN: 9789386826619
GENRE: Fiction ( Crime Thriller)


On a cold December morning, a white woman is found murdered in a cheap hotel in Paharganj, New Delhi. Vicks Menon, an out-of-work journalist, is tipped off by the hotel’s receptionist and is the first to arrive at the crime scene, where he discovers a lead. It’s the bus ticket used by the dead woman two days earlier. But Vicks is battling personal trouble. He has no money, an alcohol problem, and a nearly broken relationship with Tonya, his estranged live-in partner, a clinical psychologist who specializes in profiling hardened criminals. Moving in and out of the shadows, Vicks pushes his investigation harder as it takes him from Udaipur to Bangkok. On his side, for resources, he has a nameless intelligence operative, and to read minds, a lover who is beginning to trust him again. But above all, his instinct to stay inches ahead of death will be the key to his survival. If Vicks lives, this is one story that will change his life forever.


Intriguing, engaging and craftily weaved, ‘Murder in Paharganj’ has all the right elements in right proportions, to keep you glued to the pages of the book right from the word ‘go’ till the end. The best part is that inspite of the author revealing the person behind the crime at the beginning of the story itself, the reader’s interest interest in the story remains intact, i.e. the move does not act as a damper. It has the opposite effect. One can’t help but wonder regarding the motive. The author does a fine job leaving his reader’s guessing till around round-up time.

Packed with a bundle of emotions ranging from love to hatred and fear to relief, the story begins with a murder that at first appears to be simple, but later takes an interesting turn with the role of some covert operatives revealed and clandestine operations standing exposed. Interesting twists and turns unfold as the story moves ahead and we see one fellow racing against time with determination even in the face of sure death.

While shady characters and spooky settings set the perfect pace and background for the story, the style of narrative has the power to keep the reader hooked. Success with characterization is 75:25. While the character of the protagonist Vicks Menon and the antagonist Jamie are well developed, that of Vicks girlfriend Tonya lacks solid story goal. This makes her appear as an unwanted baggage, while in truth she has a lot of potential to contribute and work wonders for the story.

Language is simple, crisp and lucid devoid of nerve- wracking jargon and grammatical errors that tend to act as speed-breakers.


An enjoyable, breezy read that one can pick up either on a lazy afternoon when the sun is hot and one feels drowsy or on a late night when sleep tends to make the eyelids droop. Believe me, in both of cases the brain will be stimulated by the read and put on high alert.


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Book Blitz :: The Unity Game by Leonora Meriel


About the Book:


A New York banker is descending into madness. 

A being from an advanced civilization is racing to stay alive. 

A dead man must unlock the secrets of an unknown dimension to save his loved ones. 

From the visions of Socrates in ancient Athens, to the birth of free will aboard a spaceship headed to Earth, The Unity Game tells a story of hope and redemption in a universe more ingenious and surprising than you ever thought possible. 

Metaphysical thriller and interstellar mystery, this is a ‘complex, ambitious and thought-provoking novel’ from an exciting and original new voice in fiction.

Book Links:

Meet the Characters:

The Setting: Earth

New York City. The 1990s. One of the world’s leading investment banks.

The Setting: Space

A distant planet. A dry surface orbited by three red moons and circling a distant sun. An advanced civilization living in underground chambers.

The Setting: Death

An open door. A library. A room of knowledge. A garden of dazzling color. The answers to every question that has ever been asked on Earth.

Meet David

A brilliant scientist and wildly ambitious, David abandoned an academic path to follow the glow of Wall Street money. From a small town in Canada, he is now determined to make the riches he has given up his scientific talents for. He is always on edge, he must prove he is better than the other bankers, he has to win the best deals. However, he is easy pickings for the multi-million dollar bosses who see how they can use a greedy, naïve young man for their own purposes. David falls further into risk, mistakes and desperation, clutching at anything around him as his dreams and world falls apart.

Meet Noe-bouk

Dry dust. Three red moons. A member of one of the most advanced civilizations in the universe, taught to believe that all the answers come naturally from the incontrovertible logic of the greatest good. Now, facing death, Noe-bouk decides to find out if there is something more than what he has been taught. Accepting a place on a space ship, the further he gets from the moons of Home Planet the more he understands that he knows nothing at all…

Meet Alisdair

A respected lawyer. An adoring grandfather. Alisdair collapses outside his law offices in London and finds himself standing beside his unmoving corpse. He feels wonderful! He spots some wide open doors and bounds through them to discover a library, a garden, and his dead wife. All his life he has burned with the questions of the universe: what is the purpose of existence? What is good and evil? How far does the infinite stretch? With an afterworld guide and his wife at his side, his only limits now are to come up with new questions as all of his horizons expand beyond imagination…

Meet Elspeth

Beautiful, young, angry. Apart from her beloved grandfather Alisdair, Elspeth has been let down by everyone in her life. She’s rejected her parents and their easy choices, she sees no meaning in the structures of society. She has always felt lost, and now the death of her grandfather is forcing her to make choices. With some money he has left her, she decides to follow a feeling and go on an adventure.

Meet Socrates

Legendary philosopher, pion of bravery and morality, a figure so strong his ideas and presence pervade the centuries and the dimensions of time and space. Who else would Alisdair call upon in the afterworld to help his granddaughter Elspeth, than the man he has revered his entire life, and whose teachings guided him? Yes, Elspeth can be helped, but she must be brought together with another soul – one who has truly lost their path.

Reviews for The Unity Game

 “A complex, ambitious and thought-provoking novel.” ~ Kirkus Reviews

“Elegantly written, expertly crafted and a moving message. I found this book very hard to put down. Moving and poignant.” ~ Lilly, Amazon US reviewer

“An engrossing, unique, and totally bizarre tale! I could not stop reading it once I started. Such a beautiful take on the afterlife, and its connection to those still living. A unity game, indeed!”~ Brenna, Goodreads reviewer

About the Author:
Leonora Meriel grew up in London and studied literature at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland and Queen’s University in Canada. She worked at the United Nations in New York, and then for a multinational law firm.
In 2003 she moved from New York to Kyiv, where she founded and managed Ukraine’s largest Internet company. She studied at Kyiv Mohyla Business School and earned an MBA, which included a study trip around China and Taiwan, and climbing to the top of Hoverla, Ukraine’s highest peak and part of the Carpathian Mountains. She also served as President of the International Women’s Club of Kyiv, a major local charity.
During her years in Ukraine, she learned to speak Ukrainian and Russian, witnessed two revolutions and got to know an extraordinary country at a key period of its development.
In 2008, she decided to return to her dream of being a writer, and to dedicate her career to literature. In 2011, she completed The Woman Behind the Waterfall, set in a village in western Ukraine. While her first novel was with a London agent, Leonora completed her second novel The Unity Game, set in New York City and on a distant planet.
Leonora currently lives in Barcelona and London and has two children. She is working on her third novel.
Contact the Author:

Book Blitz ~ Daughter of the Sun by Zoe Kalo


Daughter of the Sun
~ Cult of the Cat Series Book 1 ~
About the Book:

Title: Daughter of the Sun
Series: Cult of the Cat Series, Book 1
Author: Zoe Kalo
Genre: YA Contemporary Fantasy / Paranormal
Word Count: 93,000 words
No. of Pages: 330

Mystery, adventure, a hint of romance, and the delicious sweep of magic…
Sixteen-year-old Trinity was born during a solar eclipse and left at the doorsteps of a convent along with a torn piece of papyrus covered with ancient symbols. Raised by nuns in the English countryside, she leads a quiet life until she’s whisked away to the Island of Cats and a grandmother she never knew. 
But before they can get to know each other, her grandmother dies. All that Trinity has left is a mysterious eye-shaped ring. And a thousand grieving cats. As Trinity tries to solve the enigma of the torn papyrus, she discovers a world of bloody sacrifices and evil curses, and a prophecy that points to her and her new feline abilities. 
Unwilling to believe that any of the Egyptian gods could still be alive, Trinity turns to eighteen-year-old Seth and is instantly pulled into a vortex of sensations that forces her to confront her true self—and a horrifying destiny.
Get Your Copy of this Book. Available for FREE for a LIMITED TIME ONLY! 

About the Author:

Storyteller at heart…

A certified bookworm and ailurophile, Zoe Kalo has always been obsessed with books and reading. The pleasure of writing and sharing her fantasy worlds has remained. Today, Zoe passes her stories to you with lots of mystery, adventure, a hint of romance, and the delicious sweep of magic.

Currently, she balances writing with spending time with her family, taking care of her clowder of cats, and searching for the perfect bottle of pinot noir.

Contact the Author:
Website * Facebook * Twitter