Book Review- Money Wise: The Aam Aadmi’s Guide to Wealth and Financial Freedom



TITLE: Money Wise: The Aam Aadmi’s Guide to Wealth and Financial Freedom
AUTHOR: Sharath Komarraju
PUBLISHER: Harper Collins, India
GENRE: Non- Fiction



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Do you obsess about money and yet not talk about it with parents or friends – and barely enough with the spouse? Do you worry about how much you have, how much you need, what you need to do to get more of it?

The world of money is bewildering. The biggest investment you will ever make is towards your financial education – and this easy-to-read guide provides just that. It answers vital questions such as:

– Where does money come from?
– Why do prices go up every year?
– How do I get out of debt?
– Should I invest in the stock market?
– What is the value of gold in our financial system?
– How do I make my investment portfolio shock-proof?

Practical, fun and straight to the point, Money Wise will equip you with the tools to manage your money with confidence and competence.


Content: Ever wondered what the ‘Gold reserves’ are and why they are so important? How governments print money? Well then it’s time you put your mind at ease for here is a book that will give you the answers to these as well as many more such questions that tickle your mind/ trouble you.

A simple, easy to understand financial guide devoid of mind-boggling financial jargon, peppered with some wonderful and simple, straight to the point examples, the book deals with the basics of personal finance and introduces the reader to the various types of assets and their importance in the economy as well as the lives of the common man. The book is an answer to many a question troubling the layman regarding the financial system, its working and how to manage his personal finances and money.

The book also gives an insight into how the layman is easily cheated. Take for example the term ‘inflation’. To him ‘inflation’ simply means rising prices. But do you know that inflation is actually a tax on the poor in favour of the rich? If not, open your eyes. Read what Sharath has to say on the subject. His explanation is not only interesting but believable too. It’s an eye-opener.

As we near the sun-set of our lives we worry about the future. We wonder whether the money at hand will last till we breath our last. We are often at our wits end when it comes to planning for a rainy day or life post- retirement. We wonder how to take full advantage of our money so that it multiplies over a period of time. But maybe what we are looking for is right there in the book. Sharath has provided some truly useful tips on money-management.

Intricate subjects such as personal finance, portfolio allocation, asset classification, etc. are dealt with ease and presented keeping the layman in mind thus making it an useful and informative read.

In short, a lot of ground (financial) is covered in just a few pages and that too with ease making it light and interesting.

Language & Style: Generally the problem with financial books/ self help literature is that they are either either heavily loaded with complex terms or are not able to hold the attention of the reader for a long time at a single sitting. But here we have a book where the language is simple (aam aadmi style) and conversational in nature. Peppered with nuggets of wisdom here and there, this book is anything but boring.


A few sentences about the author

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Sharath Komarraju is an author of fiction and nonfiction. An Ex- software engineer Sharath is now into writing writes full-time. To know more about Sharath’s books click HERE

To catch up him on his blog click HERE


Recommendation & Rating: Intelligent, informative and engaging, this book is a must read not only for the layman but also the thorough financial professional. While for the former it makes money-matters easy to understand, for the latter it shows the way to making financial literacy easy, interesting and understandable for their clients both present and prospective. The book scores 5/ 5.


Money Wise: The Aam Aadmi's Guide to Wealth and Financial Freedom


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