Book Review – Hama-Guri Goes To School


TITLE : Hama-Guri Goes To School
AUTHOR : Aditi Bose
GENRE : Fiction ( Children’s’ Book)
TYPE: E-book (Kindle Edition)


Hama Guri Goes to School Front Cover_edit


Five simple yet imaginative short stories packed with wonderful lessons and insights that’s ‘Hama-Guri Goes to School’. Each story deals not only with child psychology, but is also a lesson in parenting. So though I’ve classified this under ‘Children’s Literature’ I know it will appeal to people of all ages because of the tone and simplicity with which the stories have been narrated. Apart from that each story is sure to take the reader back to his/her childhood and touch a chord within. Each of these gems will bring a smile to the lips and light up the eyes.

The Five Gems

Centered around the protagonist Hama-Guri a boy of six, these five gems reveal the path of self-discovery that Hama-Guri treads. There is fun, adventure,revelation and realization of the simple truths of life.

Life is not all about winning. But what happens if your child believes that only a win can make you happy? What if he fails in his mission? ‘Hama-Guri loses a Competition’ is about this truth that many a parent fails to make his/ her child aware of. It is an eye-opener. In fact this story took me down memory lane. I remembered the day my daughter fared poorly in one of her subjects and how I dealt with the situation a delicate one, with patience and insight. The result was wonderful.

There are good men and bad men. But what makes the bad, the bad? It is our fear of them, our fear to take them on thus making them believe they are all powerful. So what must we do? How do we tackle such people? ‘Hama-Guri stops a bully’ has the answer.

We’ve often heard that ‘Time and tide wait for no man.’ Yet how many of us are adept at time- management? How do we go about imparting lessons in time-management to our kids? ‘Hama-Guri learns how to manage time’ shows the way.

The sight of blood and the smell of medicines are over-powering often making us retch or faint. But over a period of time many of us overcome this weakness. However, all are not lucky. Hama-Guri is affected by the sight of blood. ‘It is Doctor Day for Hama-Guri’ is all about this fear. Will he win over it? Only the story can answer.

Money that comes easy is frittered away easily but money earned is precious. So it’s always wise to train children to earn when young and inculcate in them the value of money. But then if you make them earn won’t the law hound you? Not if you know the tricks. ‘Hama-Guri earns pocket money’ makes the task easy. It’s sure to give you some wonderful ideas.


For the parent :

Drawn from the author’s personal experience, these stories are easily relatable and relevant. They tell us how often, it is we adults who are at fault for the miseries caused to our children, how we fail in communicating to them the simple truths of life, how we can make learning fun for them and how we can impart important lessons effortlessly without wielding the stick or shouting our top off. Both teaching and learning can actually turn out to be wonderful experience if only we apply our mind and draw on our creative instincts.

For the child

Simple yet thought provoking and inspiring stories with a moral that’s sure to benefit them in one way or the other. Teaches them how to deal with failure and fear, how to save for a rainy day, extend a helping hand to the one in need as well as make the best use of the time at hand.Kids are sure to enjoy these short yet sweet stories.

LANGUAGE : Language is simple, crisp and easy to understand.Be it a seven year or a seventy year old, its sure to connect. No hard nuts to crack nor pebbles to take away the taste thus making the pace and flow right and smooth for all ages.

CHARACTERIZATION : The characters are well developed with all their imperfections.

EDITING: A few typos here and there need to be taken care of.



An Economics Honours Graduate from St. Xaviers College, Aditi did her MBA in marketing from the International Management Institute, New Delhi. She has been actively involved in research and recruitment. Since the past few years she has been busy writing for a number of domestic and international websites.

Aditi blogs @


Recommendation & Rating: A truly wonderful read for people of all ages, I give this book 4 on a scale of 5.


Hama-Guri Goes To School


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