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Love@ First Sight : The MatrikaS Creative Woman’s Journal


A lazy summer afternoon!

The sweltering heat combined with the power-cut was getting on my nerves. To top it I’d just had a break-up and was feeling lost and lonely. As I lay there all alone on the big wooden table, I reminisced those days with my ex. The secrets we’d shared, the sweet nothings I’d scribbled on her bosom all came back to mind. I sighed and decided I’d not fall for another. Gradually sleep overtook me………zzzzzzzzz!

A touch soft and silky as that of a feather caressed my being. At first I thought it was a dream but then when the feeling lingered on, I opened my eyes. Lo! Behold! What do I see? A beauty draped in soft maroon silk with golden polka- dots scattered here and there and a golden feather print adorning the center, lying by my side. I could not take my eyes off her. Unknown to me my heart had surrendered to her charm.

The beautiful one: “Hi! I’m CWJ.”

Me: “CWJ?”

CWJ: (With a short laugh) “Oh! Sorry! That’s my pet name, short for Creative Woman’s Journal.”

Me: “Oh! Glad to meet you. You are native of?”

CWJ: “MatrikaS.”

Me: “Ah! Yes. Those paper people, the ones who come out with some really innovative stuff. I’ve heard a lot about them. Never come into contact with one.”

CWJ: (Struts like a proud peacock) “So, friends?”

Me: (Eagerly) “Yes, friends.”


As days passed by, the bonds between us grew stronger and stronger till we finally decided to take our relationship to the next level.

CWJ opened up to me willing me to explore her. At first I touched her hesitatingly as would a man his newly- wedded wife. A shiver coursed through my spine. I felt as though I was treading in Heaven. Slowly, casting my initial inhibition aside I kissed her, poetry flowed from me only to be etched deep in her bosom. The poet in me found an artist in her. We complimented each other.

That day we became one.

Together we made many a list, shared many a secret and vowed to stick together till the end.

The feeling of loss and loneliness left me forever. I found my true love in CWJ.

Today I have no qualms in saying that as far as I am concerned, it was love @first sight.

(Wondering who I am? No points for guessing. I am yours truly, a silver bodied, gold bordered jotter pen.)


Me & My Love



Well, that was the love- story of my pen and the MatrikaS Creative Woman’s Journal a product of MatrikaS – Scribble Your Heart Away. Reading that you may have already got a fair idea of the plus points of MCWJ or the MatrikaS Creative Woman’s Journal. However, I’ll put together just a brief introduction / review of the journal for the benefit of my readers and those looking out for some good writing material. But before I move further, let me tell you that true to it’s name MatrikaS (which is derived from Sanskrit and stands for ‘MOTHER’) has brought out this Creative Woman’s Journal to honour women and their dreams, their aspirations this Womens Day. It is the brand’s gift to Women.

The MatrikaS Creative Woman’s Journal a one of it’s kind, keeps every woman in mind and hence comes in four different designs or should I say, is available in four different themes. They are –

1. Feather – To Write!
2. Butterfly – To Dream!
3. Dragonfly – To Fly!
4. Fish – To Glide!

(For further details visit : MatrikaS Woman’s Journal Page)

Just see the connection between the designs and the themes. While the feather as you know served as a writing quill in earlier times a butterfly is apt for those who dream. The dragonfly is a spectacle to behold when it flies around and a fish is the epitome of grace as it glides in the water.

Being one with a passion to write, I chose the one with feather as it’s theme. So, let’s see if the journal true to it’s name is smooth and soft as a feather and compliments the quill (pen). Let’s see if it appealed to the writer in me. 🙂

The Cover

Stunning! A look at it and you can’t help wish it was yours. I’ve had some who taken in by the sheer beauty of the cover, wanted to take a selfie with it. 🙂


An Introduction

The image says it all.

The Inside

Soft and smooth double- sided ruled sheets of high quality paper, are interspersed with 8 adult colouring sheets inspired by nature. There are also a number of plain sheets bearing the MatrikaS tagline “Scribble Your Heart Away.” These make the journal not only useful for jotting down one’s life- events, important things, etc., etc., but act as healer/ stress- buster/ motivator. They inspire too.

While the adult colouring sheets act as stress- busters and help one relax, the blank sheets are there for you to draw, doodle, scribble, play or indulge in whatever is close to your heart.

The ruled- sheets can be used for some serious writing.






The sticker pages towards the fag end of the journal are a revelation, something innovative and exciting. These pages have ideas of lists that one can make. Then there are stickers expressing one’s moods and some that will shake you up when you feel lost and lonely or pacify you when you are in a pensive state or off- colour.

secret list






The Journal winds up with something that’s bound to excite the bibliophile and the traveller in you. Wondering what? Well there is a page for you to record your TBR list (To be read list) and another for the places to be visited.

The last double- sided sheet is for entering the ‘Who’s who’ in your life i.e.details of the people who matter to you.

Is that all?

If you know MatrikaS, you know that the Creative Journal will not be only about pages for you to ‘Scribble Away Your Heart.’ There will be some value additions too. So here in the Creative Woman’s Journal we have –

1) A paper pouch in the inner-side of the back cover to put those small bits and pieces of paper that one is prone to scribble on when an idea presents itself and there’s nothing else suddenly at hand except for some corner of a newspaper or a bill.

2) A black ribbon that acts as a book-mark. To be frank this was the only disappointment. I’d have preferred a proper book- mark with some ethnic design. It would look lovely and inspiring.

3) An elastic protective band to hold both covers together so that nothing falls off from between the pages.

4) A small elastic loop to hold the pen. Wish a pen too came with the journal. Its inclusion would have made the journal complete.







A creative journal for the creative woman, one that’s sure to appeal to her aesthetic sense as well as inspire her to dream and doodle and pour out her heart in the form of words, ideas and creative articles, the MatrikaS Woman’s Creative Journal is truly awesome.


Do check out the video of the product created by MatrikaS


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