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Water droplets in the air


Clouds - Taken by CV Jayachandran at Paithalmala

puffy white patches
dotting the empty blue sky
divine force above


white silver lined clouds
harbinger of good tidings
set my mind at rest


i hovered above
moving white fluffy islands
felt nearer to God.


dream i of fluffy clouds
covering me even in sleep
summit of wisdom.

Rain clouds-CV Jayachandran

blanket of darkness
hiding million sparkling eyes
precursor to rain


flittering above
shedding tears on trekkers head
ah! heavenly sight


she tripped, she fell
moving clouds showered her well
legs sped to the end.

The Haiku are based on a prompt at http://haiku-heights.blogspot.in/ . The prompt was “CLOUDS.”

Photographs : Courtesy- Mr. C.V.Jayachandran, an ex- colleague and a good friend of mine.

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