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Book Review: This Delicious Life



TITLE: This Delicious Life
AUTHOR: Lekshmi Gopinathan
FORMAT: Kindle Edition

Spluttering, simmering and steaming. A story that makes you hungry and feeds your soul. From Jaffna Crab Curry to Mor Kuzhambu, Spinach Casseroles and Tiramisu, nestled in the tiny fishing village of Iraalpatinam, comes a delicious and heartwarming tale of food, life and love. Meet the valiant lady sarpanch, the food blogger in search of peace, the able District Collector, a nomadic football coach and the beautiful fisher folks of this quaint village all bound together by their love for food. A yummy story of friendship, love and spices.

The Main Course
Heavenly! Correct ingredients measured out in the right quantity and blended perfectly in just 214 pages to serve the perfect feast for the bibliophile in me; ‘This Delicious Life’ took me through a range of emotions and left me wanting more.

Refreshing and unique, the story starts with food and ends with food and in between we get to meet a range of people each with a story, a sorrow of their own, determined to live life on their own terms and make the best of it. What happens when their paths cross? Discover in ‘This Delicious Life.’

Each chapter in the book introduces a dish, its ingredients and its preparation but what strikes one is the way the same is seamlessly stitched into a story with two women poles apart in nature at its core, and the people they live among / come into contact. So in effect you have a story a fiction and a dish a reality. Is this symbolic? To me, yes after all don’t the stories that we weave sprout from life’s experiences. Sugared with imagination and spiced with tit-bits of gossip, rumors and our own observations these experiences are then dished out as fiction; the better the cook, the tastier the dish i.e. fiction.

An ‘allspice,’ the story is seasoned with a few twists and turns and has a dash of suspense that’s sure to tickle the brain while trying to satiate your stomach for a good read.

The characters are well developed, relatable and contribute to the story in their own humble way without standing out as the odd one, one who may force a raised brow or invite a sneer. While Radhamma comes across as a simple, down to earth, committed and determined lady, Matilda is a wild yet lovable character someone opposite to Radhamma but with the ability to complement her. Vishal, Gerry and Venkat the sub characters, act as lubricants that ensure that the story moves forward smoothly without a hitch.

The language is simple, crisp and lucid and the pace is perfect.

Some truly wonderful quotes that left a lingering taste in the mouth :

“…..meditation is not sitting in a spot everyday and concentrating on a light in our head. It’s letting your senses feel every emotion, every instant, every moment in all their glory. Meditation is life, it’s not a compulsive routine.”

“…there is a lot of creativity, art and emotions behind every meal cooked. Cook like you would for the one you love the most and I believe it will taste better than the best.”

A tip that’s sure to spice up ‘The Delicious Life’ further?
Yes. Doing away with those typographical errors that stick out and taking a relook at the usage of ‘their’ at a few places.

A wholesome, mouth-watering meal dished out by a Super Chef, I’ll give the book 4 on a scale of 5.


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