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Book Review: Just me, the Sink & the Pot


TITLE: Just me, the Sink & the Pot
AUTHOR: Sudeshna Ghosh

Meet Pamela, an overweight girl who’s looking back at her school days. From longing for a Valentine to dealing with a sibling who hates her, Pamela has a lot to deal with. She even has a special bunch of friends at home who she can turn to – but they aren’t the kind of friends you’d expect. Life sucks when you’re fat. Can Pamela ever be happy?
Picked up the book purely out of curiosity. Know what? The title and the blurb made me wonder how the two were related and I must say that when I went through the book I found the title to be apt. In fact I think there could not have been a better one.

‘Just me, the Sink & the Pot’ has at its core the subject of body shaming which is I must admit, something that is on the rise these days. The dilemma, the sufferings and the aspirations of an overweight girl are put forth beautifully and one can’t help but empathize with Pamela the protagonist and the butt of ridicule both at home and outside. But there were places in the story where I felt she was getting too obsessed with her weight and structure unnecessarily and that the real cause of her miseries was her own low-esteem. She was virtually turning out to be her own enemy.

The story is relatable as far as Pamela’s state of mind and her experiences are concerned and it did make me empathize with her. But it also set me thinking in another direction. While I could easily relate to the treatment meted out to Pamela both at home and in school, I could not digest the fact that school children in India can be so promiscuous as made out in the book. Yes, there may be a few say one or two or at the most four to five in a classroom who have no qualms in openly flaunting their liking for a member of the other sex. But the way it is brought out in the story it looks like the majority of the thin/ skinny girls in the protagonist’s class are promiscuous and have no qualms in openly flaunting their liking/ bedding the boys/ consuming drinks, etc., etc. Wonder whether I’m getting old and times have really changed so much or it is just Pamela’s blind belief /is she just imagining things?

The language is simple and lucid making the book not only a simple read but a fast one too. It addresses an issue that needs to be dealt with by society in all sincerity and throws up some vital questions like-

1) Don’t obese people have a right to the good things in life like parties, friends and above all impartial treatment at home?
2) Don’t they have a right to a space of their own?
3) Do looks really matter while picking up one’s friends?
4) Does anyone have a right to hurt other’s feeling/ body shame them?

Overall a wonderful read, I’ll give the book a 3 on a scale of 5.


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About the author

Sudesna (Sue) Ghosh is a writer based in Kolkata. She was born in the United States and moved to India when she was 9. After completing high school there, she went back to the US for her higher education at the University of Rochester. She has also penned What Would I Tell Her @ 13 and News Now, along with several short stories. When Sudesna isn’t writing, she tries to do her bit for animal welfare.

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