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Book Review: The Ghosts of Gurugram


TITLE: The Ghosts of Gurugram
AUTHOR: Debeshi Gooptu
GENRE: Fiction
FORMAT: Kindle Edition

When twenty-six-year-old Tara Chatterjee moves to Gurgaon to make a fresh start after a painful breakup, she finds herself in the middle of a peculiar situation. Her new home is inhabited by a ghost, a woman only she can see! Who is this woman and why does she keep appearing in front of Tara with her motley crew of friends? Will Tara be able to make sense of the chaos in her own life and unravel the secret of her haunted apartment?

Insightful and moving with flashes of wit, the story takes a look at the darker side of Gurgaon’s development and the growing menace of suicide and dowry-related deaths in the Millennium City.
PLOT/ STORYLINE: The blurb ignites a spark of interest that does not fizzle out as most cracker flower-pots do these days. Instead the spark takes on an interesting hue that if the author wanted, could give the reader goose bumps. But interestingly the spark instead of turning dark and ominous is …….. I’ll leave it for those interested in reading the book to read and discover what I mean. No spoilers here. 🙂

A thriller of sorts, the book has at its core a relevant yet disturbing malady, a sad psychological state and an attempt to understand the issues that drive people to their end.

As the blurb states, the book is insightful and emotional. It addresses a serious topic with a subtle approach.Peppered with a wee bit of wit and humor, the book makes one wonder where we as a human race are heading to with concrete pillars piling up around us, hills, mountains, rivers and jungles disappearing by the minute and the ugly monster named greed overpowering our good sense. We are knowingly or unknowingly caging ourselves, and slowly yet steadily inviting our doom.

The twists and turns though not many, are interesting. However, I must admit that the icing on the cake is definitely the last part of the ‘Epilogue.’ I did not see that coming.

Characterization: Perfect. The characters are well-developed, and one can in fact visualize each one of those appearing in the story and relate to their emotions with ease.

Language: Simple, crisp and lucid with no pebbles (typos) to take away the taste nor jargon to act as stumbling blocks. It is free flowing.
So as it is, the story made an interesting read, the characterization helped me live the life of the characters and understand their side of the story well, the language made it a smooth journey from the beginning till the end. But…….

Wondering what it is that still makes me hold back that one star that could give the book a 5 on a scale of 5?

The answer is: The storyline. It holds a lot of scope for further development. I felt that the plot though brilliant, has not been developed to its full potential. Reading it was like enjoying a truly sumptuous meal only to find that the dessert an integral part of the feast, is missing. So I am eagerly looking forward to a sequel of the book to take care of this grievance. 🙂


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