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Book Review: The Billionaire’s Funeral by Elijah Brahms




Paperback: 264 pages
Publisher: HarperCollins India
Language: English
ISBN-10: 9353570115
ISBN-13: 978-9353570118


A nameless and faceless stalker out to get at you can spell more trouble than a foe you know. While you know the motive of the known one, and can plan your strategy to take on the same, you find yourself helpless before the nameless/ faceless one. Identifying him/ her and understanding the motive is like searching in murky waters. Billionaire investor Chad Cohen our protagonist, suddenly one day finds himself confronted with one such foe. With all except one credit card being declined, his personal stocks being sold without his knowledge, and the Company he painstakingly built suddenly take a thorough thrashing at the stock markets, Chad who has always complimented himself for being in control of any situation, finds himself at his wits end. Added to this he suddenly finds himself on the wrong side of the law without any reason or rhyme. More shock awaits him in the form of a red corner Interpol look out notice and the realization that his passport is forged. His sanity and reputation at stake, Chad turns to the one man who can salvage him from the mess, his friend and business partner Michael Cole. But then is Mike trustworthy? Doesn’t he have a motive to drive Chad out of business? Well to know more about this, and the trials and tribulations that Chad faces in a matter of around a week, you will have to pick up this intense, racy thriller by Elijah Brahms.

Gripping to the core, The Billionaire’s Funeral is a warning of sorts to all out there of the dangers lurking in the dark corners of the digital world. With the world swiftly moving over to a paperless regime and plastic money replacing more and more transactions, just a click by the one out to destroy you, can make you sweat as never before. More than losing your money what else can worry you-an identity crisis, right? Well that’s what The Billionaire’s Funeral is all about. Just one genius is needed to ‘wipe’ you off the face of the earth and make life hell for you.

Laced with some insights into Chad Cohen’s early life in the form of short chapters interspersed here and there, The Billionaire’s Funeral also sees a transformation of sorts taking place, it sees how life’s vagaries can bring upon self- realization, open eyes knowingly kept closed/ diverted and bring the prodigal son home to reality.

Wonderfully narrated and with characters deeply etched giving no room for complaint, The Billionaire’s Funeral is a thriller-par-excellence that did not allow me to put it off even for a second, till the last word was read.

The book definitely scores a perfect five.


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Received a copy of the book from WritersMelon as part of their Book Review Programme, in exchange for an honest review. The thoughts, opinions & feelings expressed here are therefore, my own and have not been influenced by either the author or the publishing house in any manner.