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Book Review: Twice Upon A Time by Payal Kapadia


Reading level: 9+ years
Formats: Paperback / Kindle Edition
Publisher: Puffin
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0143333321
ISBN-13: 978-0143333326

Bestselling school adventure series Horrid High, author Payal Kapadia is once again seen doing what she best at i.e. churning out a bestseller. In ‘Twice Upon A Time’ the 2013 Crossword Book Award winning author for Children’s Writing brings together two children opposite in nature, outlook and social standing to take the readers on a hilarious yet eye opening ride, a ride packed with witty moments and lots of action too. Myths are busted; faces revealed and the so-called upper class snobs stands exposed. Lessons are also learnt.

Princess Keya of Pompuspur ( ‘Pom-puhs-poor’) true to the qualities of a real princess , is lady-like that’s till the bug called ‘tween’ strikes her, and then all hell breaks loose. The entire Surya Mahal shivers, King Ferrlip becomes jittery till the final blow knocks him off. Princess Keya fed up with the pretensions expected of her, decides to quit. But is it that easy? ……Enter Nyla a tomboy, a willing replacement for Keya. But the T&C attached to the task is not that easy. Princess Keya sets out to train and tame Nyla. That’s when all the action begins. The girls discover their inner strengths and learn to overcome their weaknesses. Actions and dramas aplenty follow, and finally after exercising the reader’s cheek bones the final moment descends, a moment of suspense. What happens?……Well, I’ll leave it to you the reader to discover the climax. 🙂

A thorough entertainer, ‘Twice Upon A Time’ scores a perfect five on the characterization front. The characters each one of them be it the insignificant ones like royal window-boy an Lady La-Di-Dah of the Society of Snobs or the central ones like Princess Keya and Nyla are so well- etched out that you can’t help but visualize them, and this is what exactly works for the story. Along with adding life to the scenes they invite the reader to get fully involved in the story.

Dotted with some truly wonderful illustrations by Sandhya Prabhat, ‘Twice Upon A Time’ is a reflection on that phase called childhood, a phase replete with innocence, tantrums and mischief.


An engaging one, there’s no doubt that ‘Twice Upon A Time’ is sure to regale young readers. However it is to be noted that the book has the potential to tickle the child in an adult too. It reminds one that the child in an adult can never die; at the most it’s there somewhere deep in sleep like the dragon in the story, waiting to be drawn out. Tickle it, draw it out from the deep slumber it’s in, and see the magical effect it has on your attitude, your demeanor.


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A copy of the book was provided via Penguin Random House in exchange for an honest review. The thoughts, opinions & feelings expressed in the review are my own and have not been influenced by either the author or the publishing house in any manner