Book Review: We Women Wonder by Inderpreet Uppal




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A whirlwind tour of the emotions swamping every woman, ‘We Women Wonder’ addresses the dreams, desires, struggles and triumphs of a gender often neglected, taken for granted and wronged in 26 short, yet engaging articles. Written as part of the April A-Z challenge a few years back by the author, the articles see her laying out her outlook on the life of women, their strengths, their weaknesses as well as their lack of will at times, in an engaging style. Prompting and prodding, she asks some pertinent questions of her readers with the aim of making them aware of not only the Durga within them, but also the Kaikeyi hidden deep in a recess from which she steps out when felt challenged or inferior.

The subject of each chapter is complimented by a quote from a well- known figure, by way of summing up the topic dealt within. Anecdotes/ incidents from the author’s own life and experiences tend to lighten the mood at times. But what actually makes the read interesting is the way it connects with reality. Lucky are those that don’t have to experience many of the odd situations/ feelings expressed within the pages of the book, and I must admit I am one of them. Right from childhood till this day I’ve been surrounded by people who have only supported me, helped me discover myself and cheered me for each success that came my way. Yet, I can relate to the anguish shared by the author in respect of the plight/ the lack of confidence in majority women, because I’ve seen it happening around me in my neighborhood and at times at the work front, and I’ve always felt that somehow we the women are to be blamed. Our meekness is taken for weakness, and therefore we are prone to be trampled upon. However bare your fangs or growl like a tigress and see how opposition to your genuine, well-intended opinions/ proposals melt away. We blame men and the patriarchal nature of our society for the many ills confronting women, yet when opportunity knocks our door, when these very men are ready to support us, we often shy away. Ironic! Isn’t it?

A well- articulated read, ‘We Women Wonder’ will see you smile, gnash your teeth and at times also see you drift off into another world, a world of memories of days gone by. It will make you ponder on lost opportunities, prompt you to take care of yourself, as well as believe in the strength of your children and the man of the house especially when it comes to taking care of the home and hearth in your absence. It will make you realize that you’ve unnecessarily been fretting and fuming over trivial things, wringing your hands for the wrong reasons, and having an inflated ego at times which can cause more harm than good. In short, the book exposes the enigma called WOMAN. 🙂


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