Book Review: The Coin by Sandeep Sharma



TITLE: The Coin
AUTHOR: Sandeep Sharma
PUBLISHER: Redgrab Books & Anybook
ISBN: 978-9387390263
GENRE: Fiction (Crime Thriller)


“Who likes Sudden death?” That’s the only question he used to ask before killing his prey.

Random people are being abducted from the capital city, Delhi and are being killed mercilessly. Before killing, the murderer is reciting them a story, a story about a 9 year old child who saw the brutal side of the world at a very young age. All the stories are being recorded for the Police department to see.

Raunak Upadhyay, the Police inspector who is handling the case, links the style of serial killing to the case he solved years ago. But the murderer of that case is in jail then who is following the footsteps?

Does the murderer want to convey something?
Whose story is being recited?
Why the murderer is taking personal interest in Raunak?
Is there any other side of this coin or both the faces are just the same?

Welcome to the Brutal world!


‘The Coin’ provides an interesting storyline that finds the reader enter a complicated maze, a maze that sees him/ her encounter many questions, rely on many options and ultimately reach a climax that is difficult to foresee considering that the build-up of the suspense is done cleverly.

A multi layered story, the book reveals a lot in terms of child psychology, criminal psychology and the unsavory happenings that the world is witness today in terms of child abuse. It also throws up some relevant questions regarding the above and nudges us to ponder on the same. In short the book can also be termed as a psychological thriller.

There are some interesting twists and turns that is bound to not only intrigue the reader but at times leave a bad taste. But then what is depicted here is cruel truth, a truth that society can hardly deny and overlook.

The characters are well-developed and the pace is fine.

Language: Though simple and easy to comprehend, there are certain usages that stand out like mismatched buttons in an otherwise fine shirt. They hardly fit in there and thus act as an impediment.

Editing: The story could do with a fresh round of editing to smooth out some bumps and rough edges and make it flawless.


A breezy read with a fresh storyline.


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