Book Review- Krishnaa: Queen Bee of No. 8 West Iyen Street


TITLE: Krishnaa: Queen Bee of No. 8 West Iyen Street
AUTHORS: Radhika Giridharan and Vidya Nagaraj
PUBLISHER: Notion Press
ASIN: B0787QY7Y8



When a marriage proposal from a much married 30 year old Raghavenrda for 12 year old Krishnaa comes knocking on the door of Gundappa Chowltry, life takes on a dramatic turn for Krishnaa. An official bride-seeing ceremony and a quick peek at the bridegroom seals things and before long Krishnaa finds herself embarking on her new journey with her new husband-a man she barely knows, to the temple town of Kumbakonam. What lies in store for Krishnaa in her new house as Raghavendra’s second wife? Where is Raghavendra’s first wife? Are Krishnaa’s dreams and desires fulfilled? What cards are dealt to Krishnaa by the hands of destiny?

While tracing Krishnaa’s life journey from 1904 to the modern times, the book captures the soul of the Indian Joint family system, the customs and traditions, the love and laughter and the ever green human values. Set in the picturesque temple town of Kumbakonam, on the banks of river Cauvery, amidst the majestic Gopurams of Chakrapani and Sarangapani temples, the story of Krishnaa unfolds in all its colourful glory.


Interesting and engaging, “Krishnaa: Queen Bee of No. 8 West Iyen Street” is the coming of age of not only the protagonist Krishnaa but an entire society or should I say a country. The book along with introducing us to life in the temple town of Kumbakonam and the metamorphosis of a happy –go-lucky child into a responsible adult full of empathy for her fellow beings gives us an insight into changing times, changing relationships and changing status and how they affect an individual. The changeover from a joint family set-up to the nuclear family set-up is woven seamlessly into the story and does touch a cord somewhere within people like myself who have lived in a joint family and have watched the same disintegrate with tears in the eyes.

Narrated in simple and lucid language, the book does spring up some surprises. Krishnaa’s attitude towards her husband’s first wife and Raghvendra’s attitude towards his wife’s family may seem unbelievable to the present day folks. Yet, we must remember that those were the times when one could sleep soundly keeping the doors ajar without fear of being robbed or seeing a knife on the neck. Those were the days when empathy was at its peak and greed a mere speck.

The characters though numerous are well- developed and relatable. The few lines of poetry at the beginning and end are like a fresh whiff of perfume added to make an already gorgeous lady stand out in a crowd. They complement the wearer (read story).

So is there anything that holds me back from saying, “Perfect?”

Well, I felt the book could do with a bit of fine tuning. Maybe a good editor could suggest some cuts, some changes to give the book a more professional makeover both in terms of content and length.


A simple yet engrossing read, one that’s bound to see the dull afternoon hours pass by with lightning speed.


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