Children’s Book Review: Love Like That by Richa Jha and Gautam Benegal



TITLE: Love Like That
AUTHOR: Richa Jha
ILLUSTRATOR: Gautam Benegal
PUBLISHER: Pickle Yolk Books
ISBN: 9789352120864



Little Kroo and Mamma Hop travel to different natural habitats around the world where Kroo is fascinated by new ways of parent-young one bonding. At each step he wonders aloud why his Mamma doesn’t love him like that. Her loving reassurances notwithstanding, Kroo’s mind is not fully at peace. Is there anything that will make him see what she’s been telling him all through – that she may not love him like that, but she loves him the most in this world?


Love Like That sees little Kroo and Mama Konga ( Kangaroo) go together on an expedition of sorts, across thick forests, grasslands, swishy swamps, scorching deserts, chilly poles and grey and golden coasts setting up home in tents and basking in Nature’s glory. The tour turns out to be an interesting lesson for little Kroo who gets to see what parents of different species of the animal kingdom do for their little ones right from taking care of them to helping them fend for themselves in the face of danger. It also reveals the soft as well as adventurous side of animals and imparts little tidbits of knowledge by way of little notes on scraps of paper illustrated alongside picturesque depiction of the story.

In short Love Like That is all about the emotion of love expressed in different ways by different animals and is at the same time a sort of self-discovery for little Kroo. It also opens our eyes to the fact that children need reassurance time and again from adults to make them feel loved and wanted. There is nothing unnatural about that.


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