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Book Review- Finding Her Way: An Indian Girl’s Dilemma by Ruchi Vasudeva



Edition: Kindle Edition
Pages: 18

What does marriage mean for an Indian girl? Whether she marries for love or by arrangement, she’s forced to obey unreasonable demands. But she also wants to live her life on her own terms.
Avni is such a girl. When the man she loves and cares for wholeheartedly, throws her a curve ball, she chooses to walk away. What comes next for Avni?
She left for love
Love she found
But slowly the demands pained her a lot
Till one day she walked out
The love she left came swiftly behind
Won her back or fought with her?
Read to know what’s there within the leaves….

Finding Her Way: An Indan Girl’s Dilemma is the story of not one but millions of Indian Girl’s who step out of the comforts of their home into another with stars in the eyes and love in the heart, only to find their dreams shattered.

But…..Is Avni’s story just about shattered dreams? Well, to know that you will have to go through the entire 18 pages. But I must admit that the short read did have a variety of emotions packed within it. While there is love, there is also a sense of despair, emotions that are conflicting and bound to make one frown. There is suspense and there is relief as well as fear and surprise.

In short the book is not just a simple love story but one that’s bound to make you sit up in your seat till the end.

Narrated in simple, crisp and lucid language, the book takes us right to the scene of action. It is a fine example of a complete nano-novel.


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Book Review: Generously Yours by Inderpreet Uppal


Edition: Kindle Edition
Pages: 18
ASIN: B079H4531X




‘Love is forever’ or so thought Diya.

Shy, bookish and loving, Diya never thought she would ever need to be anything else. Her charmed life slips away from her in ways, she never imagined.

Will Viren be able to sort the jumble of their lives or is it already too late?

A bittersweet story of life, longing, and lasting love.

Two souls bonded together for life
One bids goodbye, the other cries
Memories come flooding, making the other listless and lost
Then time the healer takes things in hand
Brings the lost one back on track
Life moves on….

Inderpreet’s ‘Yours Generously’ is the story of two souls bonded in love, the making of their memories, and the metamorphosis of one into a strong person as well as the role of the other in the transformation process. There is love and there is loss. There are traces of bitterness borne out of a sense of despair and there is gratitude for the support extended for a metamorphosis that would perhaps have been difficult if not impossible, without the same. In short this is the story of a lost and found soul.

Narrated in simple, crisp and lucid style, the book reminds us that life does not stop or stand still with death. In fact death is just a temporary passing phase which jolts us yet, makes us see things in new light. It makes us look up at life with new eyes and sometimes challenges us to leave our comfort zone and move ahead.

The book is a breezy read. But……..I wish it would not have ended so fast and abrupt. Hope the author works on making this one a full-fledged novel.


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