Book Review: Ramona by Manoj V Jain



TITLE: Ramona
AUTHOR: Manoj V Jain
PUBLISHER: Notion Press
GENRE: Fiction


Apt! Complements the book, which is a window to a woman’s mental turmoil on being ‘deserted’ by the man with whom she set out to weave dreams beautiful.


Sitting on an armchair near the window, Ramona-separated, mother of a son and a cookery teacher-muses on the events that have happened in her life in the recent past. A letter from her husband, not even nearly justifying his mysterious disappearance, shocks her and topples her world upside down. Bombarded by a thousand questions, accusations, a tumult of emotions and confusion, she begins to untie the knots one at a time with help from her family. But what she wasn’t able to do over months, a stranger does within a matter of minutes.


A sequel to ‘Balraj’ yet a stand-alone read, ‘Ramona’ can be categorized as a novella. A short read of around 100 pages, the book takes us on a ride through the life of the protagonist Ramona the ‘deserted’ wife of Balraj. Wading through a sea of emotions that range from denial to despair to anger to rebellion and finally a sense of calm, Ramona’s inner turmoil is nothing short of a ‘samudra manthan’(Churning of the ocean) of sorts. In the process she encountered the ‘Halahala’ (the poison) in the form of anger, the Ratnas( precious stones) that, took the form of the realization of the importance of her in-laws and the Amrita (sweet nectar) the calm that descended on her after going through the painful churning process- the climax.

A psychological read of sorts told in a simple, lucid and crisp language, the book is relatable and offers food for thought. We often tend to ignore our blessing and instead dwell on our woes without realizing that it is the blessings that drive us on, make life beautiful and fill it with sunshine.

A straightforward story, Ramona is also a grim reminder of the fact that often couples take their partner for granted only to drift apart. It is a reminder that even the ‘madly in love’ couple do fall out once they experience the grind of everyday life, unless they make it a point to find quality time for the other. Relationships don’t last merely on ‘love.’ To make them last a lifetime, one need to constantly work on them, feed and water them, tend to them with care and ensure that they remain fresh and charming. Neglect them, and they begin to wilt and slowly fade away into oblivion.


A short and breezy read with the power to make one think, the book scores a 4 on a scale of 5.

Want to get an insight into ‘BALRAJ?’ Well, here’s MY TAKE on the book.



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Manoj V Jain

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