TITLE : Half Pants Full Pants
AUTHOR : Anand Suspi
GENRE: Non- fiction
ISBN: 9788193262016
AVAILABLE @ : flipkart /



Apt. Conveys the essence of the book in simple yet strong terms.


Reminded me of the days when 5 ps. And 10 ps. could buy us a handful of sweets, chewing gum etc.


A debut novel that several Indian readers have compared with works of one of India’s greatest writers – R K Narayan. Universal in its theme, this book is a tribute to childhood memories and nostalgia. It vividly captures and celebrates the little joys of growing up before internet and mobile phones took away the simplicity of life. This is a childhood autobiography set in a small town in South India in the 1970s and 80s. At once an ode to innocence and mischief, this is a collection of effortlessly told memorable little tales guaranteed to set off a journey back in time. From playing a rare instrument, to asking Rajiv Gandhi intimate questions, to practicing dolphin dives, to hanging out of a running train in the middle of the night; to witnessing a world record, to being caught in a flood of sambar, to learning kung-fu with mosquitoes, to becoming the “inventor” of capris, to making magnets, to planning a borewell… Half Pants Full Pants is a collection of real-life stories of growing up in Shimoga. R. Balki, perhaps our generation’s best filmmaker and storyteller, touts this treasure-trove of stories as: “After Malgudi Days, I could never imagine that somebody could create another childhood classic for adults to regain their innocence even for a few hours. Suspi’s tales would have made R K Narayan smile. Oh! That beautiful Kannadiga gene!”


STORIES :- Enriching! Takes one down memory lane to those good old days when 5 ps. and 10 ps. could buy one lots of chocolates, chewing gums, etc. Each of the stories in the book is easily relatable for people like me who grew up in the 60s and 70s when a journey by train was nothing short of good luck, when Raleigh cycles were a novelty and being able to play an instrument was the in thing. They bring to life the innocence of childhood in those days; days when TVs were just making an entry into the Indian market and children preferred outdoor games to being bound within the four walls of the house.

The pages of the book are loaded with humor and innocence and though most of us have gone through the experiences mentioned therein, one can’t help experiencing a feeling akin to inhaling pure, fresh air when going through the same.

CHARACTERIATION: The characters are well- fleshed out and each of them has certain traits that make them stand out from the rest. They remind us of our friends and foes ( bullies) of childhood and make us nostalgic.

LANGUAGE: Language is simple crisp and lucid and has the ability to bring live the events narrated in the book.


A wonderful and refreshing read that is sure to appeal to people of all ages. While the book is sure to make people who were born before the mid- 90s nostalgic, it will act as a reference to those born later giving them an insight to the simple yet innocent life of earlier times when people were truly connected to nature and were not bogged down by gadgets, when eating out needed months of planning yet inviting someone over did not need a previous notice. I’ll give the book a 4 on a scale of 5.



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