Book Review: The Princess of a Whorehouse


TITLE: The Princess of a Whorehouse: The Story of a Swamp Lotus
AUTHOR: Mayank Sharma
PUBLISHER: Notion Press, Inc.
ISBN : 9781946129789
GENRE: Fiction


COVER DESIGN : Beautiful

TITLE: Intriguing! Enough to up ones curiosity.


Aparajita is a tenacious go-getter. Her name means unconquerable in Sanskrit, and she lives up to its meaning.

Just like any other ambitious girl, she desires to fulfil her dreams and become an independent individual. Far and wide, the shadow of her melancholy past chases her passage. The fact that her widowed mother is a former sex worker irks the community. Nonetheless, she is not ashamed to reveal her mother’s past.

Will she lose hope, or will she defy an enigma that is centuries-old? Will she ever conquer the hearts of a prestige-obsessed community?

See the world through Aparajita’s prism in a tale stirred by some real life events.


STORY-LINE/ PLOT: Realistic, relatable and thought provoking, the story is not only inspiring but one that brings forth the dangers lurking in corners generally considered as safe. Apart from highlighting the fact that once trapped it’s very difficult for the victim to escape the whorehouse, it also highlights the concerns of children born to sex workers, their education, their future, their trauma, etc ….

There are dreams, dreams that spur the protagonist to try achieve the impossible and there are people who join her on the way, who play an important role in her survival and success.

There are some interesting twists especially in the second half but what caught me unawares was the ending.

CHARACTERIZATION: The characters are well- developed. One can easily relate to their dreams, their emotions and their actions and reactions.

LANGUAGE: Simple and easy to understand.


A simple and breezy read, one that stays with even after you’ve finished it, ‘The Princess of the Whorehouse’ scores a 3 on a scale of 5 from me.


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