#BOOK REVIEW: The Doppelgänger


TITLE: The Doppelgänger
AUTHOR: Prateek Yadav
PUBISHER: Aksamala
GENRE:Fiction (Thriller)




The perfect plan for the perfect heist-a team of con-men, foolproof disguise and a painting worth millions, nothing could have gone wrong. But something did…

A man fnds himself on a bus to Manali with nothing but some cash and severe memory loss .

Embarking on a frantic hunt for his identity, he begins to discover that his presence in Manali isn’t an accident. The closer he gets to the truth, the more elusive it becomes. Ghosts from his past haunt him as he finds himself trapped between his doppelganger, the police, a sadistic gangster and his own dwindling sanity.

The journey of the search for his identity ends up being a race for survival.


STORY-LINE/ PLOT: Interesting, intriguing and engaging, The Doppelgänger has all the elements required to make a psychological thriller connect with its readers. There are places where one gets confused/ wonders where the story is leading to. But then I guess it’s all a part of creating a web to ensnare the reader pull him/ her to the core of the story and keep him/ her hooked till the end.

There are twists and turns that keep one guessing the true identity of the protagonist, his motives, his enemies and his past. Just when one believes that one has solved the puzzle, one comes across a missing piece that makes the puzzle more complicated. In short, this is one book where it’s best to have patience and wait till the end to get one’s answers.

CHARACTERIZATION: The characters being mysterious, one can’t say exactly who is what. But then again this adds to the suspense that the author has set out to create. The confusion, frustration and helplessness of the protagonist on not knowing his true identity is one we can all relate to. His character is well fleshed out.

LANGUAGE, PACE AND STYLE: The language is simple, the pace is perfect and the style is one that suits me.


A book that’s sure to keep the reader guessing and engaged till the end, I’ll give The Doppelgänger
a 4 on a scale of 5.



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