#BookReview : Dawn at Dusk



TITLE: Dawn at Dusk
AUTHOR: Gaurav Sharma
PUBLISHER: Petals Publishers
GENRE: Fiction (Romance)




Yet to go through an ordeal, the millionaire scion Aradhaya is much cossetted only-son of Talukdars.

Suddenly, his life gets upended when he loses his parents and is deceived by the girl he marries. In his attempt to overcome, he falls for Sambhavi, who is a renowned writer and professor, because he sees her as the shadow of his mother.

Sambhavi lays her condition. Aradhaya gives up too soon. Distraught, he leaves his house in search of peace and starts a life of a recluse among the people with little means and ambitions until his love for Sambhavi guides and inspires him to do something extraordinary. What does he do? What course does his life take? Does Sambhavi accept him? Let’s hear Aradhaya’s story…



Plot/ Story-line: An unconventional, interesting and intriguing tale, one that gives an insight into the working of the human mind that is ready to sacrifice anything for the sake of love. It also gives an insight to the fear that society instills in the mind of its subjects, how inspite of being progressive and strong outwardly there is still that fear lurking somewhere within us that wants an acceptance of our deeds by the society that we leave in.

Somewhere along the way the author also touches upon the insensitivity of society towards the child whose birth culminates in the death of the mother. Anything that he/ she does is seen with tainted eyes and tainted mind. In short life for the ‘cursed’ one becomes man-made hell.

One gets to see various shades of human character, human emotions as one turns the pages.

Characterization: The characters are well developed with all their flaws. Their conversations sum up their personality. One can easily relate to them and their thought process.

Style: The style of narrative does justice to the plot.


Editing: Needs to be tightened a bit. A few typos and some usages here and there need to be taken care of/ looked into.


Overall an interesting and light read, one that you can pick up even if you have just a few hours to spare. I’ll give the book 3 on a scale of 5.








A mathematics teacher by profession and a writer by passion, Gaurav Sharma yearns to create a stir through the medium of his stories. Dawn at Dusk is his third novel.’LOVE @ AIR FORCE’ is the book which saw his entry into the league of Indian Novelists. His second book ‘Rapescars’ as the name suggests, deals on the sensitive issue of rape.

Gaurav has also contributed a poem in ‘THE ESSENCE OF ETERNAL HAPPINESS’ which is a collection of poems from 29 poets from six countries.

His email id is : gauravinfinity2009@gmail.com


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