#BookReview: Finding Juliet



Title: Finding Juliet
Author: Toffee
Publisher: Srishti
Genre: Fiction




Arjun is an incredibly nice guy who believes in true love and is waiting for it with open arms. He falls in love, not once or twice, but thrice. And every single time, happiness – like the girls he fell for – comes very close to him before pushing him away. His only pillar of strength in all his moments of grief and dejection is his childhood friend Anjali.

Dejected by the games played by girls and fate, he leaves Hyderabad for Bangalore and ends up meeting Krish, an irresistible flirt. He understands Arjun’s predicament, pacifies him with his words and enlightens him about the most complicated species ever created by God – Women.

And then, Arjun’s life changes forever.

Will Arjun find the one he has been waiting for, or will he end up becoming a flirt? Will he ever taste lasting happiness?

Join Arjun as he tries to figure out women and discovers the meaning of love, lust and life.. all in his journey of Finding Juliet.


STORY-LINE: Interesting yet unrelatable at places. It’s more in tune with Bollywood themes. When I picked up the book I expected more of humor. But that was sadly missing. In fact the story is just about Arjun and his thirst for acceptance by the fairer sex. On the way we get to see the heart breaks he encounters, the feeling of disillusionment he suffers and his metamorphosis from a simple guy to one easily giving into lust. But then this phase too is short-lived. Very soon he comes face-to-face with a situation which leaves him jittery. In short ‘Finding Juliet’ is all about love, lust and life. But somehow lust seems to have overshadowed love and life throughout the pages of the book.

While Anjali won my heart I cannot say the same for Arjun. Somehow he came across as a very weakling.

In Esha the journalist, I was looking for someone out to get a scoop, one ready to blow the lid on the sexual escapades of the people in Arjun’s organisation. But then nothing of the sort happened.

The end was predictable.

CHARACTERIZATION: The character of Arjun the protagonist somehow did not work for me. He looked too desperate to hook a girl and always seemed to end up weeping. However, in contrast I found the character of Anjali his best friend, more appealing. She appeared more strong and level-head.

Another thing that I found strange was the characterization of most of the female characters the protagonist Arjun comes across/ gets into a relationship with. They appear promiscuous and just waiting to jump into the bed with him. A bit difficult to digest given my reading of Indian girls and their views on pre-marital sex.

LANGUAGE, STYLE, PACE: Language is simple, crisp and lucid thereby making it an easy and quick read. Style of narrative too is fine while the pace is perfect.


A simple and quick read, one that you can pick up on a short journey, I’ll give it 3 on a scale of 5.



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A simple guy who loves the complications of life, Toffee loves narrating interesting stories with subtle insights. Finding Juliet is his second book. The same was written keeping in mind India’s Generation-Y.


It’s always a pleasure to know others views books and reviews. Do leave your views on the book and this review in the comment box below.


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