#TornadoGiveaway3 :- Book # 40 – Anusual by Anu Aggarwal


Name of the book: Anusual: Memoir of a Girl
Who Came Back from the Dead
Author: Anu Aggarwal

Read some reviews: 

  1. Siddhartha Mishra 
  2. Sanjeev
  3. Vishal Bheeroo 

The Story:

Anusual is the story of Anu Aggarwal, the dusky Delhi girl who went to Bombay and became an international model, and then a star with her very first Bollywood movie, Aashiqui, only to chuck it all up and join a yogashram.Coming back to Bombay, she was involved in a horrifying car crash that put her in a coma for twenty-nine days. Miraculously, the girl who broke into a million pieces recovered, and put the pieces of her life back together, first taking sanyas and then returning to Bombay to teach yoga. This fascinating story of a woman’s self-discovery, a near-death experience and amazing recovery is told in a straight-from-theheart, unbuttoned style, including details of the men in her life, from millionaire jet-setters to superyogis. In the end, as she says, love is all there is.

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About The Author

Anu’s life is a story in miracles. An astute yogi today, Anu is the  recipient of an Indian valedictorian and a receiver of many awards starting with Duke of Edinburg when 13 years old. The Fashion Icon international model had her debut film Aashiqui a blockbuster make her a household name. A miraculous recovery from a near-death-experience had her turn a bestselling author with her confessional writing in her memoirs, Anusual. 

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