TITLE: The Speaking Ghost of Rajpur
AUTHOR: Priyonkar Dasgupta
PUBLISHER: TBB (Thought Balloon Books)
GENRE: Fiction


‘The Speaking Ghost of Rajpur’ is I must say intriguing. It has the power to raise one’s curiosity.


Interesting. Does justice to the story within.


It is India of early 1990s – the ‘picturesque’ small-town of Rajpur is in ‘full summer bloom’ and there is a definite sense of mystery in the air. Amidst its scenic setting each year a group of boys band together to spend their summer vacations – going cycling to far-off forests, sharing books, discussing everything under the sky and ogling at girls…

But as youth would have it, their curious minds are more inclined to seek adventure and (hopefully!) uncover some mysterious affair. However, unlike their previous vain attempts, this time certain unusual events and the sudden appearance of a curious case of a ghost in their midst seem to hold the promise of some real adventure.

In the pages of The Speaking Ghost of Rajpur rest assured you will soon be whisked off and plunged into a headlong journey of adventure and romance of your own – on a path of discovery of friendship and brotherhood, of life and love – and, who knows, you might even get to encounter the Speaking Ghost itself!



PLOT: Refreshing and interesting. One that takes the reader down memory lane to those good old days when one was just a kid though scared of ghosts and shady characters could not resist the temptation to give a ear to stories with ghosts at their epicenter and could not resist the urge to play detective. This is a story of those happy, lazy vacation days of yesteryear s when nature not the internet beckoned children to explore the wealth of knowledge hidden in her bosom, when evenings out with friends held more charm than the idiot box.

The author has in ‘The Speaking Ghost of Rajpur’ skilfully incorporated all emotions that children especially boys the age of the five protagonists, experience thus making the it not only relatable but enjoyable and gripping too.

CHARACTERIZATION: All the characters are well developed. They come alive in the pages of the book and one can easily relate with them, their emotions, antics and yearning to unearth the hidden.

LANGUAGE: Simple and lucid bringing live the imagery put forth by the author in the pages of the book, with ease. No hurdles in the form of jargon s or pebbles in the form of typos. I must commend the author for his master over the language and exemplary vocabulary.

STYLE: The style is engrossing. Shoumo the narrator is able to keep the reader spell-bound with his vivid descriptions of the small and sleepy town of Rajpur, its forests and mysterious alleys and shady characters as well as his adventures with his brother, cousin and their friends. In fact he is able to bring live the town and all the characters involved in the story.


PACE: Slow at first. However the same picked up towards the end. The pace is affected due to the minute details of setting, etc. that could well be cut short without affecting the flow of the story.


A virtual treat, one that you can pick up on a lazy afternoon, I’ll give the book 4 on a scale of 5.



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Priyonkar Dasgupta -The Multifaceted Personality


One who has risen from being a salesman to owning a construction company Priyonkar Dasgupta is a man adept at many things. A writer by passion he is also a trained Bansuri player, an artist with a flair for sketching and an actor. ‘The Speaking Ghost of Rajpur’ is his debut novel.

You can connect with him on facebook



This is not a paid review.

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