Dream Castle- Book Review


TITLE- Dream Castle
EDITED BY- Kavya Shah & Akash Rumade
GENRE – Anthology




Dreams are the memories of the soul. We all have a dream that makes us one in a million. No one before has ever been us, no one in centuries will ever be like we are.

It takes courage to stick by your dreams. for you have to keep up equilibrium with your passion,loved ones and society. Beware of these people who dream with open eyes. They are the ones who will cheat on their fears and doubts just to marry their dreams.

Dream Castle will take you to a journey of passion, experiences, strengths and assorted hues of life. Revive and relish this stimulative, rousing compilation of short stories and be inspired to hold your grounds.


A compilation of 20 writings from people of different ages, different backgrounds and having different perceptions of life and dreams. Some of these writings are in the form of short stories while some are autobiographical in nature.

How do I view these writings?

Good things first

The plot- The plot in most of the stories, have immense potential. They are not only realistic and relatable but inspiring too.

Language – Simple and easy to understand.

The pick– ‘The Knack Of Present’ By Kavya Shah is the story of a husband faced with the dilemma of seeing his wife slowly succumb to Alzheimer’s and yet be unable to do much about it. Told beautifully this one jostles one right to the core. It is packed with emotion and subtle romance and leaves a powerful message i.e., ‘Live in the present for you don’t know what the future holds for you and of course do try to live your dreams.’


Editing – Needs to be tightened. Except for three or four pieces the rest disappointed me on this count. There are umpteen errors. Some of the pieces are off-theme too.

Style- Here again the majority of pieces failed to impress. A story is best told with a bit of dramatization interspersed with conversation. It helps transport the reader to the scene of action which I felt was missing in most writings. Some of the pieces came across as amateurish. The writers of these pieces are just developing author wings. Their skills need to be honed to impress.


An average read, I’ll rate this book 2.5 on a scale of 5.


A copy of the book was provided to me by Author Paradise in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.


I’d like to have your views on the book and the review. Do leave them here in the comment box below.


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