Book Review: Crumpled Voices 2: Innocence Lost


TITLE: Crumpled Voices 2: Innocence Lost
COMPILED BY:Pulkit Gupta
PUBLISHER:Gargi Publishers



Gives an insight into what is in store for the reader within the covers.

Cover Design

Expressive. While the picture of a boy sitting cross- legged with head hanging in shame, brings forth the trauma and inner turmoil of the characters in the book, the back cover with a young girls mouth held shut by an adult, tells us how the tormented are silenced with the threat of dire consequences thus leaving them scarred for life.


Within the pages

An anthology on a highly sensitive issue i.e. Child Abuse, the book begins with a poem by Naisargi Bhatt. Titled ‘Eighteen’ it brings out the strength of a teen, his/ her determination to overcome hurdles and live on his/ her own terms. ‘Eighteen’ is followed by 16 powerful stories each one different from the other, each one bringing forth the trauma of the young one who finds himself/ herself in an unenviable situation.

‘Pang of History’ by Pramit Sarkar brings forth the mental agony of a young boy who loses his innocence post a fall. But is it the trauma of the fall or something else that has snatched away the smile from his lips and left a vacant look in his eyes? A thought- provoking story and an eye-opener, this one is a must read for all those ambitious parents who put their dreams before their child’s desires. ‘The Unheard Cry’ by Brinda Tailor too has the unreasonable attitude of the parents and the sorry fallout of the same as its core.

Aditi Sahu’s ‘The lost and found self- respect’ is the story of a mother scarred when just a child and her fear for her young one, how she lives her nightmare through the years but finally finds peace in the loving care and understanding offered her by her husband. This one sends across a strong message. It tells us the need to offer care as well as support to the tormented ones to enable them over-power the demons within.

‘The lost dreams’ by Swati Shenoy brings forth the hypocrisy of our society which discriminates between the girl and the boy child. Who is to be blamed? Is it only the patriarchal system prevalent in our society or are women to be blamed too? What if they i.e. women decide to fight for their rights? The answers are there in the story.The story ends on a note of hope, hope that there is light shinning at the end of the tunnel.

While all the stories deal with child abuse in one form or the other, the ones that truly impressed me were ‘The Shadow’ by Dr. Sunil Kaushal, ‘The Loud Silence’ by Shreya Ganguly, ‘Tales From A Pit Deep Down’ by Vaisakh E Hari, ‘Just A Lucky Day…Or Not?’ by Shikha Kaul and ‘The Shade of Vermillion’ by Tanya Shrivastava. They scored well not only in terms of content but also in terms of style, pace and language.

What worked for me

The stories each mirroring the pains and pangs of injustice, are food for thought. They mirror the true face of present day realities. Each one of them is a cry for understanding, empathy and justice. One can easily relate to them. They are straight from the heart and hence hit one hard really where it matters i.e. the heart. While some leave us numb others leave us distraught.

What needs fine tuning

The editing needs to be tightened leaving no scope for those glitches that leave one rattled at times.

There are a few stories that need to be further worked upon to make them more complete and powerful.

Recommendation & rating

Overall a simple read that can be finished in just one sitting, I give this 3 on a scale of 5.

And finally

As mentioned in the back cover:

“Some things can’t be healed with bandages……”


Buying Link

Disclaimer: This is not a paid review. I was provided a copy of the book by the publishers in return for an honest review. Thank you Gargi Publishers and Mr. Pulkit Gupta.


I’d like to have your views on the book and the review. Do leave them here in the comment box below.


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