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The quest for joy is incomplete without the experience of sorrow. To be able to truly appreciate and value the sunny side of life, one need to experience the dark and depressing side of life too. Those who master the art of balancing the joys and sorrows of life are winners. The title is apt and a well thought out one.


When Indus Publishers announces a short story competition, it affects the lives of the ensemble cast in unexpected ways. A jaded journalist, a bored housewife, a starry-eyed ambitious girl, an army colonel, an impoverished divorcee-all enter the competition for pressing reasons of their own. They emerge with only slightly deeper pockets than they had but far richer in experience. Social issues are explored in an engaging manner, entwined in the lives of the characters-this is indeed the way of life. The novel also promises an enchanting look at the diversity in India; the characters belong to different Indian states and embody the peculiarities of the people of that region. Equinox and its checkered characters step to music of their own; many readers will find that it resonates with their own inner music.


Teacher, writer and film-enthusiast Madhuri Maitra draws inspiration for her works from people and their stories.

Madhuri lives and teaches in Pune. Films are as close to her heart as books are; she teaches Film Appreciation in addition to Creative Writing. Madhuri has designed and delivered several courses in creative writing, film appreciation and communication at SSLA ( Smbiosis School of Liberal Arts, Pune). ‘Equinox’, Madhuri is her second published work, the first one being ‘Haiku and other Micro poetry’ a collection of short – poems each a jewel in itself.

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The plot: Interesting and different. It tends to explore the different shades of human nature through its characters and the stories they weave. The author has succeeded in drawing our attention to the fact that there are innumerable stories floating around us in the form of people we come into contact daily. What is actually required is (i) the motivation to draw out the writer in us from hibernation and (ii) identify our characters and plot from those around us. Life in fact is nothing but a fabric that has several patterns of various hues, shapes and sizes sewn into it. Some of these patterns may be vibrant and attractive while others may be dull and depressing. Success lies in how we utilize them.

Characterization: OK. One can easily relate to each one of them. They are scattered all around us.

Language: Simple and easy to understand.


Editing: Flawed at places.

Style: Confusing at times. In fact I felt I was reading a manuscript and not a final version. The style of narration could be changed to make it more conversational. This will also give a deeper insight into each of the characters and their thought process as well as make the story more appealing and interesting.

Pace: Slow till around two-third of the book. In fact it picked up pace only towards the end.


In short: A light read ‘Equinox’ actually gives us an insight into the struggles of a first time writer. It is different from the usual stories we come across.


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