Book Review: Shatru (Kronikles #1)


TITLE : Shatru
AUTHOR : Vadhan
PUBLISHER : Frog Books An Imprint of Leadstart Publishing Pvt. Ltd.
GENRE : Fiction (Fantasy)


Appealing and apt!


To me the lone green eye on the cover is symbolic of the traits of the protagonist Shatru. He is a man prone to impulsive behavioral characteristics. At the same time he is intelligent and passionate about his work. Gifted with a razor sharp mind he has the ability to understand situations at lightning speed and react fast. Above all he is mystical thus predictable. The aura of mystery shrouding him makes him worth knowing. If you look at the green eye from the wider perspective of the plot then too it is apt for the story itself is full of suspense.


Shatru was half Asura.

That was not the reason why he was the best Hunter for the most powerful peace keeping force in all fourteen worlds. If he did not do their bidding, they would kill the one person he loved. That was just the way it was.

The Devas and Asuras, the most powerful of the Primordial Tribes shadow-controlled the financial, political and cultural lives of all of humanity just for one reason, domination over each other through control of terrestrials.

When the brittle line between adversity and aggression was broken they were set on a collision course. Shatru was the only one standing between them.

To stop the Primordials from destroying each other, Shatru had to go after an ancient sentinel of Chaos ready to do what it takes just to destroy.

Vengeance was rising.

Shatru was in the way.

It was not only his loved ones in danger if he could not stop Armageddon.


Bommadevara Sai Chandravadhan or ‘Vadhan’ loves writing. So what does he write? Well he is into poetry and fiction. In fact he started his journey in novel writing at the tender age of 12. It was a fantasy fiction. Shatru (Kronikles#1) is his debut published novel.

A great fan of sports, Vadhan loves cricket, tennis, shuttle badminton, table tennis and golf.

He is into transactional law practice, advising Indian MNCs on compliance frameworks for their business in India and ten other countries in North America, China, Asia Pacific and Europe. His company, Sand Legal Services Private Limited, is ranked amongst the top 20 compliance service providers in India and has won the best corporate governance and administrative law practice awards in 2014.

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Storyline: Engrossing! Has the reader completely hooked till the end. A perfect blend of fantasy and reality and that’s been possible by adding a shade of human traits to the characters that are a part of the book. It is very easy for the reader to relate to the maze of emotions that the protagonist Shatru and his mentee Kris go through, their love for the parent who has always been by their side, their bitterness for one who has left them when young, their sense of duty, etc.

Set in modern day Gurgaon near Delhi the book is a virtual tour through the mystical world of Gods, Asuras, Demigods and Half-breeds. The story unfolds with the murder of a Half Breed Kausalya. Who is behind the murder and why? Shatru the protagonist himself a Half-breed undertakes the task of finding the culprit/s little knowing that he himself would become a target of the ones for whom he works as well as that which is out to stop an important merger one that can bring lasting peace between the Devas and Asuras.

One comes across valor, chivalry, deceit and vengeance in right proportions in the book. The play with words makes it easy for the reader to visualize the scenes, be it that of Shatru talking to the trees that constitute the Green Earth or the fight with the Disparate. There are a number of twists and turns all of which add to making the story truly enjoyable.

Characterization : The characters are well etched with all their imperfections. The cast is big yet one can easily relate to the flaws and virtues that are a part of their characters. The ambitious Kausalya, haughty Elizabeth Ravi, shady Lajdev, faithful Little Rover, etc are all there around us. They somehow seem a part of the real world.

Language: Not too simple nor too hard a nut to crack. Midway may be. It goes well with the genre and plot. The imagery is beautiful.

Style and pace: I loved the author’s style of narration and use of words. It is sure to keep the readers hooked till the end. The pace is perfect.


The Beginning A bit confusing. Hence I had some teething problem while going through the first few chapters making me put down the book down after every 2-3 pages. But once the story picked up pace and the doubts shrouding my mind regarding characters and events were cleared, I started enjoying it so much so that I hated being disturbed in between my reading sessions.


A mention: The hymn in ancient Asuric recited by Shatru while biding his father the final goodbye, touched my heart. It goes like this…

“They say nothing is forever
Every moment is forever
Every breath is forever
The last breath takes us forever

You and I are forever
In me you will never wither forever
You are my light in the darkest hour
Your spirit shall not diminish forever

Your memory will remain with me forever
Admired and loved and cherished forever
I will follow you wherever
You are my teacher, my guide forever

Because we are apart I shall remember you forever
Because we may never meet again, I shall miss you forever
For being my father my gratitude forever
If you remember me, no tears ever
I am with you, your son forever”

So true and meaningful! Isn’t this how we all feel when a loved one departs? Yet we believe that nothing is there forever. The above lines bring out the hollowness of this statement.

Recommendation & Rating: A wonderful read, I’ll give this 4 on a scale of 5. Looking forward to the next in the series.


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Shatru (Kronikles #1)


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