Book Review: The Guardians Of Halahala (Vikramaditya Trilogy #1)


TITLE : Guardians Of Halahala
AUTHOR : Shatrujeet Nath
GENRE : Fiction


Appealing! A unique colour combination.Sets it apart from other books



The deadly Halahala, the all-devouring poison churned from the depths of the White Lake by the devas and asuras, was swallowed by Shiva to save the universe from extinction.

But was the Halahala truly destroyed?

A small portion still remains – a weapon powerful enough to guarantee victory to whoever possesses it. And both asuras and devas, locked in battle for supremacy, will stop at nothing to claim it.

As the forces of Devaloka and Patala, led by Indra and Shukracharya, plot to possess the Halahala, Shiva turns to mankind to guard it from their murderous clutches. It is now up to Samrat Vikramaditya and his Council of Nine to quell the supernatural hordes – and prevent the universe from tumbling into chaos!

A sweeping tale of honor and courage in the face of infinite danger, greed and deceit, The Guardians of the Halahala is a fantastical journey into a time of myth and legend.



A man who has tried his hand at many things right from selling ice- creams to peddling computer training courses, Shatrujeet Nath is multi-talented. He has written ad copy, reported on business as a journalist and has also worked as an assistant editor at The Economic Times. His first book, The Karachi Deception, was published in 2013. The Guardians of the Halahala is his second book, and the first in The Vikramaditya Trilogy series. He divides his time between writing fiction and poetry, reading, playing with his daughter – and dreaming of buying a small castle in Scotland.



Storyline: Riveting! Has the reader completely hooked to it. The book opens with the story of ‘Amrith Manthan’ or the churning of the White Lake by the ‘devas’ (Gods) and ‘Asuras’ (Demons). What emerged was a black boulder holding within it an iridescent blue liquid. Their joy knew no bounds. The boulder was cracked open only to reveal the Halahala, an all- devouring poison. What followed was utter chaos until the Omniscient One i.e. Lord Shiva was approached. There being no other go Lord Shiva swallowed the Halahala to save the universe from extinction. But was that the last the world was to hear of the Halahala or was there more to follow? To know the answer one needs to delve into the pages of ‘The Guardians of Halahala.’

An extremely gripping story, ‘The Guardians of Halahala’ is a perfect blend of history, legend and belief. The tale weaves within its fabric an iconic figure of our fables as the main protagonist, a figure that has always inspired and regaled people of all ages.

The author takes us through a maze of emotions and situations. Mystical powers, valour, chivalry, deceit, sacrifice and undying faith in one’s prowess and decisions find a place in the book. The characters and situations come live before our eyes.

Characterization : The characters are well etched with all their imperfections. Even the Gods and demigods are not spared. Their darker side is also revealed. They too are found to employ all means to gain their end.

Language, Style and pace: Language is simple, crisp and lucid. I loved the author’s style of narration and use of words. He knows how to keep his readers spell-bound. The imagery is beautiful. The battle scenes especially that with the Brotherhood of Ashvins, had me spell-bound. I could not help visualizing the scene and wondering what turns the battle would have taken if the ‘Wielder of the Hellfires’ had not stepped in.

The pace is perfect, neither too fast nor too slow.

Editing Can’t help making a mention about this. Lately there have been many books that have left me wondering about the quality of editing in the Indian publishing industry. To err is human and I can understand a typo here and there but what does one say if the fun of reading a lovely story is marred by totally flawed editing. It takes away the sheen from the book and brings the author’s effort to naught. But ‘The Guardian’s of Halahala’ is a pleasant surprise. I’d say the sailing was smooth.


Recommendation & Rating: A wonderful read, I’ll give this 4.5 on a scale of 5. The book misses the perfect 5 . Want to know why? I found the ending a bit abrupt. Felt as though the dessert is yet to come.


The Guardians of the Halahala (Vikramaditya, #1)

The book was received as part of Reviewers Programme on The Tales Pensieve.



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