Book Review : Project S.A.I.


TITLE : Project S.A.I.
AUTHOR : Srinivasa Gopal
PUBLISHER : Frog Books An Imprint of Leadstart Publishing Pvt. Ltd.
GENRE : Fiction


project sai


Set in Tamil Nadu, the story is about Sarangan & Lakshman two brothers, born and brought up in a pilgrim town in rural Tamil Nadu. But that’s all they have in common. Their beliefs, life styles, ambitions all differ. While Sarangan and his family are content to remain in their hometown, Lakshman raises his sons in the bustling metropolitan city of Chennai. Tragedy strikes when the two families come together for their annual pilgrimage. What happened? Was the tragedy just an accident or was there something more to it?



An academician with leanings towards the IT sector, Srinivasa Gopala is a BTech graduate with an MS in Industrial Engineering. Writing is his passion and ‘Project S.A.I.’ is his debut novel. Mr. Gopal has a few academic papers too to his credit. Apart from writing its Cricket, Indian food and Indian culture that appeal to him.

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Story-line: Interesting.

The rustic way of life in an Indian village is portrayed well. The reader gets a glimpse of things that matter to the village simpleton, the customs and traditions of an orthodox South Indian Brahmin family, the bonds that tie them together and the hopes and aspirations of the younger generation.

The twists though not many, are interesting.

Characterization: The characters are well etched and one can easily relate to the simple God- fearing Sarangan, the ambitious Lakshman , Pandian the Union leader and Kabali Kounder the land grabbing rogue. They fit in well into the story


Story-line: The plot though a good one, is thoroughly under-developed and hence fails to leave an impression on the reader. A little more effort on developing the incidents especially that leading to the tragedy and its investigation, would have added volumes not only to the content but also the value of the book making it gripping and engaging.

Style & pace: The narrative style and pace are inconsistent at places. One can feel the story slip off and on.

Editing: The editing could have been tighter.


Would love to see the author reworking on the plot and bringing out an entirely new version of the book fully loaded with twists, turns, mystery and action thus making it more interesting and gripping.



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