Book Review – Rapescars


TITLE : Rapescars….
AUTHOR : Gaurav Sharma
PUBLISHER : Petals Publishers
GENRE : Fiction




A teacher by profession and an author by passion this is Gaurav Sharma. His debut novel Love @ Air Force won him accolades.

His dream: Not to be just a storyteller but to be one who can create a stir.

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A girl is raped. Her parents wish to book the culprits. The police are at first reluctant but relent on knowing who her father is. The girl is subjected to further humiliation in the name of medical examination, investigation and courtroom drama. But in the end she wins. What follows is what makes the story unique. To know go grab the book



The Cover: Upper half depicting a female face with bruises, stitches and a finger on her lips is suggestive and eye catching.

Dedication: These four lines simple yet strong-

For all daughters of the land
who braved the beast in men
and refused to be a victim
but chose to be a survivor…

Story-line: Interesting and engaging. ‘Rapescars’ is an entirely different take on a sensitive subject i.e. rape. Though the story begins as just another story, the twist after the conviction of the rapists is interesting and makes the story stand out. The author seems to have done some thorough research especially in respect of the medical examination of a rape victim. The trauma, the inner battle and the display of courage by the victim are well portrayed.

The reactions of family, friends and acquaintances are realistic but what really touched me is the portrayal of the reactions of the parents of the main protagonist Akriti as well of the main culprit Raman, to the incident. While Akriti’s parents stood by her during her time of distress, Raman’s parents too acted maturely and did not shy away from disowning their son’s feat something rare to see these days.

And yes, ‘Rapescars’ is indeed a story about an unusual revenge.

Language: Simple, easy to understand and devoid of vulgarity.


The Cover: Though the upper half was eye-catching, the lower half which I believe is supposed to depict the newspaper clipping of the final judgment seems erroneous in that except for the headline nothing else is in English. The same needs to be rectified to make the clipping relevant and in tune with the headline.

The Blurb : Could have been made interesting after all it is always the blurb that makes one decide whether to pick up a book or not. It is the window to the inner pages.

Editing: Could have been tighter. There are a few typos and grammatical errors which prove a stumbling block. However I am sure they will be taken care of in the next edition of the book.

Pace: The pace of the story up to the time the trial begins, is slow. Thereafter it gains momentum.

The end: Abrupt. A few more pages with with the story tapering off smoothly, would have made the book more interesting.


These two I must share

– The trauma of the rape victim portrayed beautifully in just a few words: ‘Sculptor turns a stone into an idol; my rapists had reduced me into a stone.‘

– The irony of life, hardships and teachings conveyed aptly; ‘Life becomes harsh on you time and again not to test your own mettle but to test the genuineness of your relations.’


Recommendation & Rating: An easy read with an interesting twist and climax, I give ‘Rapescars’ 3 on a scale of 5.


RAPESCARS... They never heal

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