Book Review : The Winner’s Curse


TITLE : The Winner’s Curse
AUTHOR :Dee Walker
PUBLISHER : Srishti Publishers & Distributors
GENRE : Fiction (Political Thriller)




An alumnus of IIT Delhi, Dee Walker is a self-employed professional assisting international companies invest, set up and grow their business in India. He also works closely with international agencies in Pro Poor Policy and programme Development, monitoring and evaluation. It is the desire to connect with young people that inspires Dee Walker to write. He believes that they are the key to a better world, a better morrow.

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Facebook :- SVDivaakar
Twitter :- @svdivaakar

Must have already guessed that ‘Dee Walker’ is just a pen name. Now go ahead and guess the actual name of the brain behind ‘The Winner’s Curse’.



Orphan Harsh makes it to the billionaire club with a burning vision, sheer intellect and the blessings of his political Godfather. The favours must now be paid back through a huge Guru Dakshina. To honour his Master’s wish, Harsh, with the help of his fellow IITians, sets out to create a never-seen-before governance technology around the national ID numbers, that will change the face of democratic India.

Everything is at stake: money, reputations, egos and morals. Even lives.

Will they succumb to insatiable greed in the murky games of politics, backstabbing and subterfuge or will they be redeemed by the ‘Ten Commandments’ that once forged their ideals at college?

If you thought that supreme technology and unalloyed power can bring lasting change or that e-governance and transparency can address the ills of our system, The Winner’s Curse will force you to think again. For what’s at stake is: YOU.

The Winner’s Curse: the turbulent voyage of talent and intellect in the morass of turpitude.



Title: Intriguing and interesting. In fact it was the title that made me want to read the book. Wondered how a winner could be cursed, after all don’t we all believe that winners are the blessed lot? Well I must admit that the book did justice to the title.

The Ten Commandments: Never knew about the ten commandments that IITians follow. It is something that not only the IITians but each and every individual must know and follow.

Story-line : Relevant, realistic, intriguing, interesting and above all an eye-opener. When I say relevant and realistic, I mean that one can easily believe what the author wishes to convey after all aren’t we familiar with the likes of the Master whose only aim is to keep his political career intact, for whom the chair is above everything in life. Then there is his son- in- law a good for nothing fellow who’s only qualification is the ‘SIL’ tag, who believes that he is the rightful heir to scepter of power given his relationship to the Master. There are the loyals, the greedy, the corrupt and the honest. Each part of the story-line is relevant in the present Indian scenario. There is nothing that one can wave off as just a figment of the author’s imagination and this I think is what makes the story strong.

The twists & turns in the story are often predictable. However here and there we encounter some that add an element of surprise to the story.

Language : Language is simple and crisp. No hard nuts to crack no pebbles to take away the taste thus making the pace and flow just right and smooth.

Characterization : The characters except for that of Savita, are well developed with all their imperfections. One gets to see the strong and arrogant in the Master, the shrewd business tycoon in Harsh, the corrupt in Rocky and the greedy and lecherous in Khosla. The myriad shades of the human psyche are well represented in ‘The Winner’s Curse’.

Length: The length of the book is fine.


Characterization: The character of Savita fails to impress. Her character if developed well could have contributed a lot to the story.


Does the book do justice to the objective for which it was conceived?

Yes, the objective as spelt out at the end, in the author’s note is well taken care of. I’d recommend that all out there picking up the book, do make it a point to read the ‘Author’s Note.’ You will appreciate the book better if you go through it.

Recommendation & Rating:

Overall a good light read I give this book 4 on a scale of 5.


The Winner's Curse...


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Do let me know you’ve been here. Share with me your views on the book and the review. Leave them here in the comment box below.

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