The unorganized gets organized

I received
It brought memories of days gone by
Memories of days full of paper works
Memories of days full of life, stress and worries

Soft to touch, cool and handy
Reminded me of days full of responsibilities
Days of urgency, days gone by,
My office days


Well, now am I getting carried away? Why not? After all days gone by always evoke mixed feelings. The good, the bad all come rushing back. A smile plays on the lips, a frown laces the forehead. And often things and people take you back to relive those times, times that are forever etched in the mind. The Cube Works Journal a gift from Matrikas, transports me back to the days I was a career woman, days when I wished I had at least 5 hands, days when 24 hours seemed to whiz past. Divided into 7 parts this extremely useful journal notebook is a must for the office going lad/ lady. But hold on. It can cater to others too- the lady of the house, the creative being, the retired, the……….



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‘Matrikas’ derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Mother’ denoting the powerful energies is a product of the Srinivas Group. The group, a player in the print and stationery industry for over 47 years had in 2011 under the able leadership of three like- minded, ambitious siblings R. Vivekanandan, R Viswanathan and R Murugesan launched the SFA Print (P) Ltd. With an eyes on the rapidly expanding print and stationery market.

Headquartered in Sivakasi, India the SFA Print (P) Ltd. is into pre- press, printing, print finishing & bindery. To quote SFA Print (P) Ltd.

The brand caters to people of all age- groups, of all types. While the subject note- books ‘wow’ the student, the journals and diaries take off much of the burden from the over- burdened, career- oriented professional. The books, journals and diaries also help one unravel the creative self. To know more about Matrikas and their products click here


Technical Specifications/ Product Details

Size: A6+103x160MM /A5147x205 MM/ STD 172×240
Page : 256
Cover : Hard bound,Debossed/ Foil stamped
Cover Design : Front cover- Corporate design (colored)/ Back Cover- Plain (colored)
Paper Type : Maplitho
Paper Colour : Single colour. Natural shade (White)
Paper Surface : Normal to smooth
Additional Features : Satin Page Marker/ Pouch on back inner cover/Elastic Band for safe locking



Open the book. Claim it. The ‘Personal Memorandum’ page waits for you. Highly useful and comprehensive this page is there for you to record every minute detail about yourself right from your name to your credit/ debit card details. There is also a provision for you to record your Doctor, Bank Manager, Insurance Agent and Travel Agent’s contact no./s. In short this page is a personal database of you, the owner of the journal.


The next six pages give an insight into the contents of the journal as recorded by the owner. The ‘Index Pages’ are divided into 3 columns each to record the date, activity and page on which the details are noted. Now isn’t that cool!

Come explore the next set of 216 pages. Double ruled, these pages have provision to help you record the date of the activity. Here you have the liberty to record whatever you want in whichever way you wish. This is in tune with the Matrikas tagline which says, ‘Scribble Your Heart Away.’

Pages 217-231 are set aside for the perfectionist, the professional in you. These 15 checked sheet pages are there for you to plan your day, your work or anything else that interests you. These ‘Action Plan’ pages reminded me of my school days and my mathematics classes the only difference being that in those formative years we used notebooks with bigger box checked pages. So this book did not remind me of my career days alone. It took me back to the sweetest, the most memorable part of my life – the unforgettable, fun packed school days.

The ‘To Do Lists’ section has pages for each shade of one’s personality. One page each is set aside for ‘Books to be read’, ‘Works to be accomplished’ and ‘Places to be visited’. So thoughtful of the designers!

Hard earned money is not something to be frittered away. It is something that needs to be spent with caution. The last ten pages of the journal notebook are set aside just for this. Here you can record your account summary and keep a tab on your income and expenses. Divided into 4 columns titled Date, Item, Payment Mode and Amount this ‘Account Summary’ Section is truly a boon for not only the professional but also for the ordinary housewife who in most cases is the ‘Finance Minister’ of her house.


Wait! There is something more, something that might interest you. Look inside the back cover. What do you find there? A pouch! Wondering why? Well simple- to keep your tickets, bills, vouchers, etc. things that you need on a later date say to prepare your accounts statement or your travel bill. Now generally we have a tendency to shove these into our pockets, bags and wallets. Finally when the time comes they are either torn, mutilated or crumpled often rendering them useless or are just missing. The pouch takes care of this worry. Isn’t this something truly innovative and useful?

With this we come to the end of this tour of a highly recommended organizer, the Matrikas Cube Works Journal.


Before signing off I have a small suggestion to make. SFA Prints (P) Ltd. do consider changing the shade of the green used in the green cover journal to a rich and vibrant hue. It’s sure to emanate more positive vibes, vibes the over- worked are in dire need of.


The tip touches surface smooth
A wave of excitement passes through
The tip flies on surface cool
Words, figures form beautiful, bold
The unorganized gets organized

Thanks to
The Matrikas Cube Works Book!

Buying Link
I thank ‘MATRIKAS’ for being kind enough to send me the CUBE WORKS PRIVY JOURNAL. This post is a part of the “Scribble Your Heart Away” Campaign conducted by them.

You can connect with Matrikas on facebook HERE
To contact them CLICK HERE


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