A treasure to preserve

Sweet aroma wafting through the air
Tickled senses, set tummy rumbling
Little legs scurried to the kitchen door
Eager eyes fell on the spread laid out

Hands flew out, grabbed a burfi or two
The legs then scurried out
Out from danger red into the backyard green
The mouth opened and in popped a burfi sweet, tempting

Wondering what I’m off to? Well it’s no riddle or anything of the sort. It’s just that when I received this beautiful 5 page note book from Matrikas a few days back, I remembered my daughter and her penchant for beautiful note books.


Call it coincidence just then the heady fragrance of ‘Gajar – Ka- Halwa’ from the neighbor’s house wafted in transporting me to my daughter’s growing years and her love for sweetmeats. Book in hand, sweet smell tickling the senses and my brain recharged, an idea took shape.

For those who don’t know me let me tell you, I have this habit of collecting recipes, time- tested remedies and tips and tricks. But lately I realized that with the number of house-shifting undertaken over a period of time on account of transfers, many a recipe is missing/ misplaced. The rest are lying scattered here and there in bits of paper/ books/ shelves/ cartons. It has been some time since I have been planning to reorganize them and keep them within easy reach. So with the smell of halwa and the thoughts of my little girl (now grown up) pervading my senses I said to myself why not?

The decision was made and I started gathering all those bits of paper on which I had jotted down recipes and home remedies. I decided to make the Matrikas 5 subject note- book a priceless treasure, one that can be handed down from generation to generation- ‘My book of recipes and time- tested remedies.’

The next question was how do I organize all that I want in this book, organize it in such a way that it is easy to follow and retrieve without much ado. As always, hubby dear came to the rescue. “See, you have 5 sections for 5 subjects. Why not categorize your recipes into – Starters & Juices, Vegetarian, Non- Vegetarian, Desserts? The fifth section can be set aside for the time- tested remedies handed down to you by your elders,” he said.

So finally it’s been decided to give a place of pride to the 5 subject note book in my kitchen and my life. There will be two 2 major sections:

-‘Tickle the Palate’ featuring recipes under 4 sub-sections:

‘Awakening the taste buds’ (starters & juices)
‘Fresh from the garden’ (vegetarian dishes)
‘Where sea meets land’ (non- vegetarian dishes)
‘A fitting finale’ (desserts)

Treasure In My Kitchen

Here I will be recording the various time- tested remedies handed down to me by my grandmothers, mother, mother-in-law, aunts, etc. remedies right there in the simple day-to-day things I use for cooking.

So now that I have my plan in place and now that I have shared it with you, how about getting into the technical details, quality, cost, etc. of this beautiful Matrikas 5 Subject Note Book.

A compact and handy hard bound premium quality book of around 400 single ruled pages this A5 note book of 147x 205 MM flaunts a stunning and classy vector design cover. It is UV coated/ foil stamped and is provided with colored dividers. Paper used is of Maplitho quality and the pages are milky white and soft to touch. But the real test begins when the pen touches the paper and leaves a mark on it. Now how does the paper used for manufacture of this premium note book respond when the pen comes into contact with it? Well, all I can say is that the ink does not spread and it is indeed a pleasure moving the pen over it and giving expression to ones thoughts and ideas.

Priced at INR 212/-the Matrikas 5 Subject Note Book is worth the cost. So now what are you waiting for. Do check out this and other Matrikas stationery items here.

Wrapping up

Any idea what the term ‘Matrikas’ stands for?

Well, ‘Matrikas’ is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Mother’ denoting the powerful energies. And energy translated into creative ideas always shines. So too the Matrikas range of products brought out by the Srinivas Group. They are creative and innovative. And keeping in tune with the spirit behind the naming of this product I plan to hand down a mother’s love and care to a daughter by converting this Matrikas premium note book into a priceless ‘Recipe- cum- Home Remedy Manual’, something that can be handed down to generations to come.

Buying Link
snapdeal // flipkart
I thank ‘MATRIKAS’ for being kind enough to send me the 5 Subject Note Book in return for an unbiased review. This post is a part of the “Scribble Your Heart Away” Campaign conducted by them. You can connect with them on FB HERE


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