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“Great men are those who build highways for others with their heart’s blood.”

Any idea who said this?

Clue: A great son of India.

Wondering whether it is Gandhiji or Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose?

Well then see below, the answer is here:

2014-10-03 08.15.31

Yes it is none other than our very own dynamic Swami Vivekananda. Originally named Narendranath Das, Swami Vivekananda is an icon whose very mention inspires us Indians. His words: “Arise, Awake and stop not till the goal is reached” fires up the young mind. He lives on in the Indian psyche even to this day. So when ‘MATRIKAS’ sent me the Vivekananda Journal as part of its “Blogger Outreach Programme” I was elated. The cover a picture of the Swami embossed on it, is truly mesmerizing. I fell for it.


But wait, it’s not over.

Open the first page. It exudes warmth and positive vibes. A small box in the midst of innumerable “Ohm” welcomes the owner of the journal to claim it by entering his/ her name below the words “This book belongs to“.

The second page is a bio- data of sorts. A place where one can record one’s personal data.

I wondered if the inner pages would reveal a pre- dated diary something I am not personally very keen about. The description on the next page revealed that the journal had four sections viz. Important Notes, Your Action Plan, Organize Your Schedule and Optimize Your Lists. My doubt still persisted. But the subsequent pages a short biography of the Swami followed by some really useful and innovative pages / sections bowled me over. Looked like ‘MATRIKAS’ had a person like me in mind when designing the contents of the journal

An avid reader, there are times when several books wait patiently on my shelf for their turn. Often as new ones keep pouring in some of the earlier ones feel neglected and lie there for months unattended. But now I’m sure that with the ‘Books to Be Read’ page ready to organize my reading schedule, the neglected ones will catch my eyes and tickle my senses and emotions.

The mother, daughter and wife in me have several tasks on mind. Though some are of routine nature and hence fall into their place smoothly there are others like the filing of IT Returns, payment of bills, mothers visit to the specialist, etc.…… that need tracking/ constant monitoring. With the ‘Works To Be Accomplished’ page taking on the task I’m sure to be able to free some space in the hard disk of my memory and record other more important things. This no doubt will ease the strain on my mind and make me feel more light and healthy.

The ‘Places To Be Visited’ page that follows is sure to be a boon for people like me who lead an active social life and are often on the move. With it I can now not only plan my trips but can also fall back on it whenever I want to verify something like an important information/ date/ event. I need just scan through the page and I’m done. Yes, the only rule is that I should be prompt in recording details. No question of dilly- dallying.

The next set of pages is a monthly diary of sorts sans month name and date. All you have is the week day names and boxes for you to enter important information, appointments, action plan, etc…. A truly useful section, what I liked about this is that it does not restrict the journal to being just a diary of events for a particular year only. It is one, one can carry over and use in subsequent years too.

Finally we have around 200 single ruled pages, pages meant for ‘scribbling your heart away.’ Each set of pages spread side by side starts with the auspicious ‘Ohm’ inscribed in Sanskrit and ends with a pearl of wisdom straight from the Swamiji. Here are a few such pearls, each a testimony to the philosopher, the patriot called Swami Vivekananda. These are taken straight out of the journal:

“Arise, ye mighty one and be strong! Work on and on, struggle on and on!”

“Man learns as he lives, and experience is the greatest teacher in the world.”

“Each work has to pass through these stages – ridicule, opposition and then acceptance.”

“Obedience, readiness and love for the cause- if you have these three, nothing can hold you back.”

“Be a man and try to make those immediately under your care brave, moral and sympathizing. No religion for you my children, but morality and bravery. No cowardice, no sin, no crime, no weakness- the rest will come of itself.”

2014-10-05 12.51.16

And now for the technical details, quality and cost that truly matter when one is on the hunt for some good stationery:

SIZE: 172×240 MM
COVER: Special velvet feel/ Hard Bound/ Special effect/ foil stamped
PAPER TYPE: Maplitho Paper

The pen must fly over the paper to make the pages bright and lighten up the beholder’s eyes. The Matrikas Journal is a perfect one for this. The texture of the paper is such that the pen flies over it without a hitch making writing enjoyable and rewarding. It is soft and smooth like baby skin.

Good things come with a cost and the journal is no exception to this. Priced at INR. 215/- it may seem a bit costly to the cost- conscious but I must add here that it is a worth the money. You won’t regret the buy.

And before I wrap up let me tell you that Matrikas has as a tribute to the greatest personalities ( Indian) of all times brought out journal notebooks of similar technical specifications and content honoring Gandhiji, Mother Theresa, Dr. Ambedkar , Sai Baba and Chanakya. In short Matrikas caters to the spiritual, the philosophical, the intellectual and the humanitarian side of the Indian psyche.

For more details about the product click HERE


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I thank MATRIKAS for being kind enough to send me a sample Journal in return for an unbiased review. This post is a part of the “Scribble Your Heart Away” Campaign conducted by them. You can connect with them on FB HERE

Sharing this with Writ Tribers too at Write A Review- Rediscovering Your Blogging Groove Day 3 .

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