Book Review- Far Beyond The Dead End


Title : Far Beyond The Dead End
Author : Saikat Bakshi
Publishers : Srishti Publishers & Distributors
Genre : Historical Fiction


A mechanical engineer by qualification, Saikat Bakshi is an explorer of the unseen alleys of life. He draws his inspiration from the drops of tears and flashes of smiles that greet him on his journey of life. History, literature and art fascinate him. ‘Far beyond the dead end’ is his fourth novel the other three being Something in your eyes, Did you see the joker? and Fallen leaf, withered wind


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The Cover – Reveals a lot about the book. You have here symbols of death, gruesome murder, lust and intrigue all that make up this book.

Blurb of the book

They call it the ‘mound of dead’. In other words, Mohenjo-Daro!

But beneath those layers of ruin, once flourished a town pulsating with life. There lived Koli with her enigmatic charm, Sindhu with an eyeful of dreams, Girad with his raging passion, the decrepit priest prophesying the doom, and many other. They loved, hated and chased their fixations in maniac rage. A series of mysterious deaths ensued from such frenetic hunt for lust, riches and glory. Yet, the inexorable game of destruction did not cease to play, until…they ventured Far Beyond the Dead End…only to be discovered under a heap of rubble four thousand years later.


What I felt about the book


Storyline– The plot is interesting, intriguing, insightful, unpredictable and unique. Set in the backdrop of the declining phase of the Indus- Saraswati civilization, ‘Far beyond the dead end’ has all the ingredients required to make it an enjoyable read. There is suspense, subtle romance, thrill, treachery, betrayal, crime and drama. The book takes us through a virtual tour of a civilization now buried under layers and layers of soil. The research that has gone into the making of the book is evident from the way the author weaves in the social fabric, architectural excellence, scientific advancement/ temperament and religious superstitions and beliefs of the time, into the story.

Presented in three parts ‘Far beyond the dead end’ explores not only an ancient civilization, its socio- economic-cultural life and the reason for its disappearance from the face of the earth, but also takes us on a virtual tour through the dark alleys of the human mind. The story is relevant and relatable. We see how lust and greed prevail upon good sense. Even Koli who is supposed to be dignified falls prey to this darker side of the human mind. The first part of the book gives us an insight into the plot, the characters and their traits. In the second part we find certain events taking place in the lives of the protagonists and their fellow countrymen. The pace is smooth and steady. But as we reach the third and final part, the story gains momentum and throws up some surprises. Skeletons in the cupboard start tumbling out.

Language – Language is simple, lucid and engaging. The style of narration brings live the scenes and events right before our eyes.

Characterization – The characters of Girad, Sindhu, Ridham and Magan are well etched with all their imperfections. One can relate to each one of these characters and can easily predict how their mind works.


Title – The title could have been more catchy and interesting.

Characterization – The characterization of Koli was a bit disappointing. Somehow I could not connect with her. The portrayal of her feelings, her sentiments lacked fire.

Ending – Is vague and abrupt.

Editing – Could have been tighter.


A quote relevant at all times –

“The dynasty, the millennium old empire, its grand legacy were collapsing into a heap of debris. In a few moments, all of them were blown away with their love, lust, passion; as if they never existed on the face of the earth.”

Now isn’t this relevant even today? With each passing generation, the grand legacy of our forefathers is slowly but steadily disintegrating. Old customs, traditions, cultural practices are fast losing out to new customs, cultural practices and lifestyle. The old give way to the new. The body too becomes one with the soil.


Overall a good and easy read, I give it 4 stars.


I won this book in a contest at Witers Melon. I thank the author Saikat Bakshi and Writers Melon for being kind enough to send me a copy of the book.


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  1. Nicely written review and format. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I’m visiting from the facebook group. Glad to have found your blog. You’re welcome to check out mine 🙂


  2. I have read this book and felt that the ending could have been better… too much was packed too suddenly!


  3. I love your style of reviewing this book. From the explanation of the cover I decided it wasn’t my type of book at all – blood and evil is not for me but your review is executed brilliantly.


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