Adding warmth, colour and beauty

Red, blue, green…….
Colours of life, colours bright
Spicing up life, lighting up eyes
Bringing a smile , adding warmth and love
Reflections we see in the Indian art.

Well for me the home is where the heart lies. It is a place which exudes love, warmth, peace and security. It is my own special space, a space where I have the liberty of giving shape to my dreams and my imagination, experimenting with the décor , adding a touch of me. Being one who loves all that is Indian, I am a great fan of Indian art and just love picking up things crafted by my fellow craftsmen. Ethnic is my style. But there is one piece of artifact that lands on my shelf each time I visit an Indian Handicrafts Expo. Can you guess what it is? Let’s see-

Patron of arts
Patron of sciences,
Patron of letters
Patron of learning
Lord of intellect
Lord of wisdom
Remover of obstacles is ‘He.’

My, my! It’s so simple. I am sure you would have guessed who I am alluding to. Yes it is the one and only God of beginnings Lord Ganesha. Well like I mentioned earlier, I am a great fan of Lord Ganesha and a great collector of his idols. A firm believer of the Lord I look upon him as one who brings peace, harmony and tranquility the three essentials for making a house a home. Lord Ganesha in various sizes, shapes and postures adorns each nook and corner of my living room. I can never have enough of him. So when I happened to browse this online store Make My Home which as the tagline suggests is “One stop shop for complete household products” to buy some artifacts to gift a friend, I happened to chance upon this one-

Aapno Rajasthan Ganapati Kalash And Diya Wood And Clay Wall Decor

The sheer beauty, colours, craftsmanship and uniqueness of this Ganapati kalash wall décor mesmerized me and before long I found myself adding this to my cart. Made of wood and clay this hand painted décor with the auspicious Ganesh mantra engraved at the bottom, will adorn the main door of my home blessing not only us but also all those who set their eyes upon him. And if I am to believe the product details, the art is intricate Mehendi like work. Here the clay is applied delicately on wood just like Mehendi is applied to the hands with love, concentration and dedication. Now isn’t that ‘Wow!’

The iridescent blue coloured plumage of the Indian male peacock has always fascinated me. I still recall those days when I was a child. I always had a peacock feather tucked away in my English textbook. It so happened that one day I lost it. I was crestfallen. Tears rolled down my cheeks. My eyes refused to dry up. It was only after a friend gifted me with another peacock feather that I stopped crying. So it was only natural that I fall for this piece when I browsed the site.

Aapno Rajasthan Peacock Wall Mount With Hand Painted Work

This wall mount décor with antique finish crafted in wood and hand painted with enamel colours will not only add royal beauty to my living room but will also hold a thing I hold very dear to my heart, my father’s photo frame. I just can’t wait to see my father smiling down at us from above this majestic work of skill and craftsmanship.

Have you heard of the Warlis? Well now this one got me intrigued and I searched the net to know more about the Warlis and Warli Painting and I knew I must have this one. After all this one gave me an insight into a tribe I was unaware of till now. But hold on, it is not only this that made me pick up this exquisite mirror with Warli painting. The simplicity, the intricate work and the miniature paintings combined with the utility factor also helped me in my decision. This one is sure to capture the eye of my guests. But what worries me is, will I have to nudge people to move away from it. Vanity my friend, makes some people gloss over their beauty at the very sight of a mirror. But isn’t that also fun to watch?

Aapno Rajasthan Warli Painting On Large Mirror

There are some others too that tempted me to add them to my cart. But then the purse prevailed over the heart. I settled for the Aapno Rajasthan Ganapati Kalash And Diya Wall Decor, Apno Rajasthan Warli Painting On Large Mirror and Aapno Rajasthan Peacock Wall Mount With Hand Painted Work for my home and decided upon a Chitrahandicrafts Mobile Stand and a Malhar Decor T Horse for my friend. I then bid goodbye to Make My Home promising to return to it another time.


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