Book Review – Metamorphing



Title : Metamorphing
Author : Kunal Pancholi
Publishers : Frog Books (An imprint of Leadstart Publishing Pvt. Ltd.)
Genre : Fiction (Crime Thriller)


A graduate from SRCC Delhi, Kunal Pancholi completed his MBA from NMIMS Mumbai. An ex- banker and co- founder of READO- an audio book publishing company, Kunal Pancholi has also done a marketing stint with a film production company . At present he heads the marketing division of a technology start-up and is based in Chennai.

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The cover is simple. The outline of a person on the floor with a red spot and the tagline ‘The Hunt Begins’ are suggestive of the book being a crime thriller.

Blurb of the book

28th April ,2000

Flight No. 9×4876 bound to Srinagar has crash landed into the Everest Base camp. Unconfirmed reports suggest that the flight mysteriously went off the radar for few minutes and missed its landing. All passengers are feared dead… except for three bodies that are yet to be recovered.

8th December, 2050

This, without doubt is the most gruesome murder in recent times. Early this morning, an unidentified woman was found mutilated at the western gates of the abandoned Victoria Terminus Station in Mumbai. Authorities report her head was …well… semi- decapitated and she was drained of all her blood. The shocking part- the crime scene was devoid of an signs of blood spatter…

The Main Protagonists

Rohan– “ I was shorter than the shortest girl in school. I had to be ahead in the game…”

Rudra– “ Was I a private detective? What kind of sinister case am I getting into?”

In short

A thrilling tale of two men bound by an untraceable yet undeniable fate, one running away from his past, another unaware of his own.



Story line – Interesting, part relevant and part paranormal. The Author takes us through a maze of twists and turns and keeps us guessing till the penultimate page.

Presented in dual monologue, the story is set in two different timelines, and alternates between Rudra and Rohan who present their side of the story in first person. The author has been able to do justice to both these characters and the timeline they are set in.

One can easily relate to the various events and characters that unfold in the story. Though the existence of vampires is unbelievable, I find something relevant in this too. For me the blood thirsty vampire is a reflection of that part of the human mind that is agitated by the instances of injustice taking place around it. It is a mirror of the desire of the agitated soul to wreak vengeance on the perpetrators of injustice and to provide justice to the hapless victims.

This is not just a story of crime and justice but is also a story of intense love. It is a story of love that does not wilt away with the passage of time.

Language and Length – Simple, lucid and engaging. One can visualize the scenes as the story progresses.

Characters – The characters are well etched with all their imperfections. One can relate to each one of them. There is a Rohan, a Rudra, a Gina, a Danny, a Zoya and an eccentric Professor in the world we live in.

What struck a cord within me – The helplessness of both Rohan and Rudra. Both are victims of their mind. While one is unable to control his desire for blood and is out to mete justice outside the legal system, the other is unable to recollect anything about his past. For him his very existence is a big question mark.


The beginning is a bit slow. However by the time you cover 1/3 of the book, the story picks up momentum and from there it is no looking back till the end.

My Recommendation/ Rating

If you are looking for a crime thriller with twists and turns then this is for you. I give this 4 on a scale of 5.


I thank the author Kunal Pancholi and Ms.Nimi Vashi who blogs at The Readers Cosmos, for being kind enough to send me a copy of the book in exchange for an unbiased review. This book review is a part of ‘The Readers Cosmos Book Review Programme.’



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