An unexpected visitor


100 words on saturday

He came
Brought cheer
A smile on every lip
A sparkle in every eye

Questions twirled in minds around
What did this visit signify?
Good tidings
Gifts,new purchases?

Guesses and plans took centre stage
Animated conversation flowed
Wishes were made
Longings revealed

He sat there
Quiet, a statue in green
Deep in contemplation
Enjoying the cool interior

The door bell rang out loud
Expectant eyes looked out
Eyes widened, mouths opened
Life stood still for a moment

At the door stood a man long thought lost
Tears flowed, hugs followed
The grasshopper
Flew out silently into the garden green

Here there are two unexpected visitors. One the grasshopper a precursor to good tidings.The other is the good tidings itself in the form of the return of the long lost man.


A 100 word drabble written on the prompt “An unexpected visitor” at Write Tribe

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    • Thank you for having stopped by to read this post. I don’t know ow it happens but each time a green grasshopper enters my home something good definitely happens. Could be that the very sight of this little, beautiful insects sends positive vibes all around.


  1. that is so cool…i did not know about the symboilism of grasshoppers…i will have to watch out for mine…the return of one thought lost…that makes for a beautiful thing…tears of happiness i imagine….


  2. I love how the visitor was revealed in the end…but our imaginations ran wild imagining him to be a person…someone of great significance. And he was…only he was green and he hops. Loved this!


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