Women and change



Women and change, how do you relate both?

Well why not? I’ve seen it happen around me. I remember a friend of mine who was my senior in college. She was from a staunch Muslim family. Mind you I am talking about the late 1970s. Well this girl passed her PUC with flying colours. We all knew that was the last we would see of her in college. We had heard of the pressure being built up on her family to get her married off.

Two months later when classes for the new batch of Degree students started, we were pleasantly supprised to see her wait for us at the roadside books and umbrella in hand. Her mother an ordinary housewife had stood by her, reasoned with her relatives, made a few enemies in the process and seen to it that she got admission to the degree class of her choice. She also ensured that her daughter completed her BEd before she was married off.

There was a time when Malappuram District was considered educationally backward thanks to the number of girls of a particular community dropping out on attaining puberty. But that very same District is today in the forefront as far as education and that too women’s’ education is concerned. Now isn’t that change? And this change could not have come about had not women stood up for their rights, opened their mouths and proved that given the right kind of education they can prove to be the best in any field be it medicine, engineering or even in teaching. I salute the mothers and daughters of ths district for the change thay have brought about. Hope they are able to sustain it.

But yes let me tell you something here. Even as far back as the 19th century the Hindu women in this district had access to education or how else would my great grandmother and grandmother have been able to read and write. They did not go to school yet received proper education. The teacher or “Ezhuthachan” would come home to teach them. Yes with time the system changed and when it came to my mother and aunts girls running to school was a common sight.

My maternal grandmother was a small, quiet being but I often saw in her a streak of modernity. Though born and brought up in a conservative family , she accepted change whether it be in customs, rituals or even the style of dressing of her grandchildren, with ease and in the right spirit. Her spirit of acceptance of change for the better was passed down to her children. And I am one of the lucky ones to have been benefitted by it.

Now coming to the present how can we women inspire change? Well as we all know charity begins at home. So shed that “I know all,” “I said na” attitude. Instead when your child comes up with something get curious try to find out the positive side and weigh it against the negatives. Who knows your child may be right. This not only benefits you but also benefits your child. He/ She will be motivated. You lay the foundation stone for a strong and talented individual.

Once you begin this exercise at home, move out, look around you. You will find many an issue that could do with a bit of effort on your part. Geriatric care, garbage disposal, health and sanitation are just a few on the long list that’s waiting for me and you. So let’s look around and do our little bit.



It is International Women’s Day and this is the 7th and Final day of The Third Edition of Write Tribe Festival Of Words . I am linking my post for this very special day “HERE” along with the others. Do visit the linky mentioned above and read others too.

By the way don’t forget to leave your footprints in the form of comments and suggestions. Your words mean a lot to me.

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  1. I agree with the history Geeta. How our grandmothers learnt to read and what a woman has come so far!
    You are a dynamic lady and i wish you a happy woman’s day!

    With regards to being humble..i agree cause we sure have a long list to make some changes around here and women actually get things done 😉


  2. Very well written!! I agree, Malappuram has come a long way in women’s education, and today, so many of them are well employed. Like you said, it goes on to show how making a change within our homes can bring about a revolution of sorts and change the course of coming generations.


  3. Well said, Geeta! Every little bit counts, every little change we make in and around us, makes a difference! So we all must strive to inspire change around us! Happy Women’s Day 🙂


  4. I love the positive feel to your post. The ability to adapt to change is a great skill. And little changes eventually make big changes. Nice one.


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