The Shock


number fifty five

He came from the opposite direction. Her old, weary eyes took in his looks. He looked strange and ominous. They came face to face.

She felt a tug at her neck. At the same time a bike neared her and before she knew it the man was gone.

Her gold chain and pendant were gone.


Walking down the road she felt a searing pain on her forehead as it came into contact with something hard. “Ahh!” the cry was out before she knew.

Two frightened eyes sought forgiveness. Suddenly there came up a pair of chubby hands from behind the girl and extended a red rose. Pain forgotten she hugged them.


Day 6 at The The Third Edition of Write Tribe Festival Of Words is dedicated to nano fiction or “55 Fiction” i.e fiction in exactly 55 words. I am linking my nano fiction “HERE”along with the others. Do visit the linky mentioned above and read others too. You are sure to like each one of the posts there.

By the way don’t forget to leave your footprints in the form of comments and suggestions. Your words mean a lot to me.


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