My inspiration



That day when you came back from school
Looking sad, I wondered why
I thought it was because you had stood at fifth
The target missed by just a few points precious

I held your hands, said not to take the fall to heart
You looked at me and said you were sad not for yourself
Vinaya your friend, had not made it to the top
The sorrow in your heart was for her

Time and again I saw it in your eyes
The lines of sorrow when another could not rise
You may have fallen off the pinnacle at times
Yet, you did not brood for yourself as did you for another loved one.

You love, your compassion for the aged, even as a babe
Left the elders always wonderstruck
The sparkle in your eyes when you helped them in need
Was something that left us all mesmerized

In each one that you came in contact
You saw something beautiful, something to attract
‘Ugly’, no there does not seem to be
In that dictionary that’s installed in your mind.

Each day as I saw you grow
I learnt a lesson new from you
Your thoughts, words and deeds small but great
Inspired me to look at the life with different eyes

You inspired me to look at the achievements of others with pride
You taught me to be patient and smile
You inspired me to see the beauty beyond the eye
You inspired me to see the best in every being , my child.


My daughter has always been a great source of inspiration right from the time she was a babe. Her care, her concern for the elderly and those younger to her even at the tender age of two always left us amazed. She always has a kind word even for even those people who we knew did not feel well for her. She has a knack of finding out the best in every person she comes in contact with be it in their looks or their character. Her sunny disposition and her positive way of looking at things, inspires us to forget our worries and look at the brighter side of everything. Yes she does burst at times. But then it’s just for a few minutes. Then everything is back to normal. Maybe that helps keep her cool.


And now this is for you my daughter-

In case you are reading this don’t let your head get swollen. The head that you have at present is of the right size.wink


Inspiration in any form is welcome isn’t it. Well then just join us at The Third Edition of Write Tribe Festival Of Words . Day 5 of the festival is dedicated to “Inspiration”.I am linking my story “HERE”along with the others. Let’s all draw some inspiration from others and for this I invite you to visit the other posts at the linky where I have linked my post.

By the way don’t forget to leave your footprints in the form of comments and suggestions. Your words mean a lot to me.


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