Little yet precious


Today is Day 3 of The Third Edition of Write Tribe Festival Of Words and today it’s time for some “Free Write”.


It’s small, it’s metal yet it’s precious
You lose it, you misplace it, you get unnerved
It‘s more precious than those studs of yours
Lose it and hell may be let loose on you.

The dip in the river was warm and refreshing
But the key in the car gave him cold feet
Finally walking miles on muddy road
Tired and weary, reached home to retrieve the duplicate key


The key she kept in a safe place, away from sight
Planning to retrieve it when the need did arise
Wedding around, she decided to open the locker safe
But went cold on not finding the key in its place

From dawn to dusk the search was on
Each nook, each corner was looked into by all
The bank was contacted to pry open the locker safe
Thousands shelled out to get the key replaced

One day when cleaning the safe haven she found
The key resting safe in a recess hitherto unknown
Damage done she wanted to throw it away
But kept it as a memento of the upheaval of that day


Key inside, he locked his little Sis and went off to play
Forgot she was wont to get afraid at not seeing him there
The wail, the sobs alerting the neighbors they called him from play
Only to be told the key was within

At only two how could they tell her to put in the key?
The sobs finally died down, the worries increased
One gutsy guy scaled the floors three
Jumped on to the balcony, broke panes, entered to open the door free


Huh! This little key of steel it may be
Yet precious it is there is no doubt, you see
Safe and secure you may feel having it around
Yet pain in the neck it can often turn out to be

Image Courtesy “Morguefile”


Just when I was sitting down to write I remembered that my post for Wednesday prompt was also due. Was down with flu you see. So I decided to write one post for both. So linking this to the linky at “Write Tribe’s Wednesday Prompt too”

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By the way don’t forget to leave your footprints in the form of comments and suggestions. Your words mean a lot to me.


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  1. yea! So true!! If the key is lost then gone case!! you have made use of the prompt so well 🙂

    this reminds me of an incident – my sister had locked me up inside the bathroom and she couldn’t get the door to open again!! I had to stand on the tank and call my neighbor!!
    It was terrifying for the both of us!!


  2. So nice, thiswas. Yes, a small piece of metal when lost or misplaced can wreak havoc with our peace ! A very nice poetry, and your job of blending both the challenges is wonderful !


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