‘The Guardian Angels’ – Book Review


Book : The Guardian Angels
Author : Rohit Gore
Editions : Kindle & Paperback
Genre : Fiction / Romance

The author

Courtesy : Wikipedia

Rohit Gore is an IT professional with a penchant for the pen. His latest release ‘The Guardian Angels,’ is published by Grapevine India.

The book

Two different people, two different worlds intertwined to make a story strong worth reading is how I would like to describe Rohit Gore’s latest novel, ‘The Guardian Angels.’ The plot is simple and interesting and one can easily relate to the characters of both Aditya Mehta (Adi) the son of a billionaire and heir to the mighty Mehta Empire and Radha Deodhar a middle class girl, daughter of a bank employee and a fiery trade union leader.

The story starts with an incident in ‘bullyzone’ as Adi describes the school backyard, the little space between the school and an abandoned industrial compound. Three bullies Jackie, Naveen and Jitin manage to drag Adi to the bullyzone to give him a taste of their strength. Just when things seem to be acting in their favour they are confronted by Radha a fiery little girl of twelve, the same age as Adi. Radha manages to save Adi from the clutches of the bullies only to find herself at the receiving end the next day. This time it is Adi who saves Radha. The two go on to be the best of friends. As years pass by, the bonds between the shy and lonely Adi and the firebrand Radha grows strong. A strange connection, something paranormal exists between the two. The warning bells are set each time the other is in trouble. As the story progresses we find them saving each other from some really dangerous situations, just on time. Is it mere friendship or something more that draws them towards each other? The question is answered by Nichole, Adi’s friend and fiancé. She gives a name to their relationship. She calls them each other’s ‘Guardian Angel.’


A story of two people believing in two different ideologies, belonging to two different sociopolitical backgrounds and nourishing contrasting ambitions , ‘The Guardian Angel’ is written in a unique style. While Adi’s part is narrated in third person, Radha’s views are expressed through her journal entries in first person. A beautifully crafted story, this novel also gives us an insight into the lives of the ‘happy rich, billionaires’ like Karan Mehta and Neha Mehta and ‘the upright social activists’ like Sudha Bapat.

The language is simple yet engaging, the plot is compelling and the characters are strong. As mentioned by Durjoy Datta, this indeed is “brilliant and addictive.” The story had me smiling in places and made my eyes moist at times. A good read I will give it 4.0 out of 5 stars.


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