My earliest memory


Courtesy: Write Tribe

It’s celebration time at Write Tribe and we a strong contingent of 20 bloggers are celebrating our earliest memory with a relay. The relay started at 3 in the morning. Ever smiling Suzy who blogs at Someday Somewhere set it off with a wonderful post. Passing through 11 strong hands it has finally landed up in mine.I received it from movie buff and super blogger Kajal Kapur who blogs at Rainbow Hues.


This post I dedicate to Mrs. Jane my kindergarden teacher, a really sweet person.

Sheee…!” The sound set my tiny feet sprinting to the kitchen. Eager to tuck in the yummy crisp dosa that mom was preparing, I grabbed a plate and plonked to the ground only to let out a cry. Mom rushed to my side. My knee was red and burning. The hot spoon on the plate kept on floor was the culprit. My knee had come into contact with it. Cold water and ointment were no solution. I ended up with a bandaged knee..

Next day

I sat on the steps of the nursery school watching my friends play. The bandage on my knee prevented me from taking part in the outdoor activities. So immersed was I in the goings around that I did not notice Mrs. Jane our teacher approach me.

“Now who is that sucking her fingers? “She asked. The thumb suddenly left the mouth and the eyes were lowered in shame. Feeling humiliated, I took a decision. That night as I crept into bed I asked mom for a piece of cloth.

“Why do you want a cloth?” She asked.

“To tie it on my thumb,” I said.


“I want to stop sucking my thumb,” I said. I told her what had happened in school.

Next few days

I was restless. My sleep was disturbed. Yet I stuck to my decision. Night after night my thumb was bandaged with a cloth. Finally I got rid of the habit.

In hindsight, the burn on the knee was a blessing in disguise. It tested my grit and my determination at the tender age of three and I am glad I came out with flying colours. Pain and shame gave way to triumph. The scar on the knee is there till this day, a trophy of my triumph.


I am now passing on the baton to a great motivator the wonderful Corinne who blogs at Everyday Gyaan. Hope you enjoy each one of the 20 posts. Who knows they may remind you of your own childhood or of someone long forgotten.


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By the way don’t forget to leave your footprints in the form of comments and suggestions. Your words mean a lot to me.


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  1. My grandma always used to say that whatever happens , happens for good. and this childhood incident stands testimony to my grandma’s words.
    Geeta , your bandaged knee was the root cause of letting go of the thumb sucking habit. An angel from the sky must have been watching you from the clouds.


  2. A painful way to break a habit and learn a lesson but yes some hard moments are blessings in disguise. Thanks for mentioning my blog. 🙂


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  4. Never have I heard of a child who has kicked this habit on her own. Parents go crazy trying to get them out of the habit. My sis-in-law would apply chillie powder on to nieces thumb.. Yet she’d slowly lick it off and back would go the thumb. You were a truly amazing kid.


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