‘Unsettled’ – Book Review


Book : Unsettled – A search for love and meaning
Author : Neelima Vinod
Type : eBook

A marriage gone sour, the knots ready to break free, a desperate wife, a love thirsty Yakshi, a lover entrapped in a haunted house wanting to break free from the Yakshi and regain his freedom , an apparition staying guard on the Yakshi and a psychiatrist wanting the fabled ancient ‘Scrolls of Love’ are the people, the elements that go into the making of ‘Unsettled.’

‘Unsettled’ is a novella, a paranormal story that delves into the supernatural. ‘Unsettled’ as the name suggests, deals with unsettled lives and unsettled relationships. Divya and Raghav are on the verge of a breakup after five years into marriage. As in most ‘breakup’ stories here too the suspicion, infidelity is the reason for the relationship going sour. Divya suspects Raghav of having an affair with his childhood friend Anu. Life becomes traumatic and meaningless for her. Eager to save the marriage she consults Dr. Roy. From here starts the story, the quest to retrieve the fabled ‘Scrolls of Love’ penned five centuries ago and the encounter with the famed love thirsty vengeful Yakshi of the haunted ‘Big house’ in Cherakad (Kerala). As the story progresses, one sees the story of Divya and Raghav getting entwined with the story of the fabled banished court poet Shankara and Thathri the Yakshi .

The plot is simple and interesting however the language seems heavy at places, confusing at times forcing one to reread certain portions to understand what the author wishes to convey or make connections clear . In short one needs to adjust one’s pace of reading as the story progresses.

‘Unsettled’ as the cover suggests is less of romance and more of the dark and foreboding. A good read I will give it three stars.


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